*maybe spoiler* Memory of Jailers Eye Item

Watching Kelani (YouTube) video there was an item from Venari called:

Memory of the Jailers Eye: Use: Restore a memory to the Runecarver.

But how and why does the runecarver not have his memories? Chained up in Torghast for some reason.

I’m excited to find out and hear other theories.


I think The runecarver is going to be one of the first ones that zovaal imprisoned.

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The Maw is a dungeon for judged/expending-through-suffering anima resource. life magic. alchemy. changing the state of one object be into another. metamorphosis, or trans-substantiation. Eris and the greek gods stuff.

read mythology.

all blizz does is ripped from the pages og one group of the damned to another. World Tree, sir. The Norse were arguably the worst to use it next to the greeks.