Maybe I Am Remembering Wrong But Weren't WQ's a Daily Thing?

Never been a fan of the WQ’s after Legion so I didn’t do much after that but didn’t they populate a lot faster back then? Maybe I am thinking MoP. Anyway, this 3 day reset is bunk. Yeah, I said “bunk”. I’m old. I get to say it.

P.S. Is there a way to get the blue “?” dailies to show on the big map? Think I am missing a few.

They were daily back in the day, but now they are semi-weekly to avoid too much busy work.

IDK there’s hardly any world quest up at any time. It sucks

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They were a daily thing, but that design was garbage and they rightfully reduced the amount.

i thought they were thinking of changing that not this last patch but looking into it

"Our game is severely lacking content, what do we do?’

“I know, let’s greatly lower the amount of daily content the players can do!”

“Amazing idea!”

They were, but they changed their minds.

Read more about it here: Considering Some Semi-weekly World Quests Becoming Daily - #710 by Kaivax

I don’t care how long it takes them to cycle; I want more of them at any time.

so we’ve decided to drop this change at this time.
but if they have buged out quest and bad rewards then why keep them simi weekly