May I ask why there is so little CM communication anymore?


They have probably learned not to post as much because the forum community is jaded and rips strips off them every time they try to post something.

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When you’re in a monopoly like position and you’re goal is to extract as much money out of your customers as possible, why would you communicate that?

Would be like telecom or ISP coming out and trying to explaining why compared to the rest world Americans get the worst service for the highest prices.


Nice try, slick words, but hollow. You have failed.

edit: I try and see things from the other side of the fence but the crazy mob with the torches and pitchforks are so blinded by mad rage they can’t see both sides. I pity you. Truly. Your life must be totally miserable. I feel sorry for your family as well. Assuming they haven’t left you that is.


Oh, cool…


lol triggered much? maybe it’s time you step away from video games.

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Communication used to be very, very different at Blizzard, I remember IRC sessions with Bill Roper when he ran Blizz North, was another world back then. I ran a blizzard games fansite back then and would constantly get game info to add to the site from Blizz insiders like the old web team. I felt almost like I was a part of the machine, hostility was at a minimum and like now we were hungry for any little bit of info we could get but everything was civil.

Now when anyone even half way official enters the discussion they are flamed hard and fast and the trolling is relentless, and it’s only getting worse the more toxic the gaming community gets. If I worked for Blizzard I would absolutely dread dealing with us. :slight_smile:


Just accept that Actiblizz dgaf about you the paying customer

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Oh Darling, Please dear leave the snob talk to the experts Why on earth is this CM posting in this Dreadful thread about cookies?? When he should be addressing important issues in my thread. Now be a dear and fetch me another cocktail. Thanks Darling

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If you’re not a shareholder then you’re a peasant in ATVI eyes.


Because some blue haired freak at Kotaku will give Blizzard crap for any pushback towards the idiots (you know who they are) who post here.


To be fair, the type of people who enjoy dealing with small groups of friendly fans wouldn’t be the best people to send out to deal with large groups of unhappy customers. As a business they don’t really get to decide which they deal with, and it’s up to them to send out the best person for the job.

When someone like Lore gets petty with fans, like when he threatened that the Azerite reforge costs would only get worse if customers insisted on doing what Blizzard didn’t want them to do, I’m reminded of someone who is basically his polar opposite.

One of the main PR people for my last job was a former Air Force communications officer. He used to say how much he loved his job because no matter what, people were paying attention to him. Somewhat facetious but the point is he knew exactly what he signed up for and took it all in stride.

The company was very well-known and so the media were always trying for their “gotcha” moments because that’s what sells news. This guy loved it, and took his job very seriously. Never once did he lose his cool in public, and he was always very diligent in training the members of his team to understand why people were acting the way they did.

That’s the kind of person you want to send out in front of trolls. Not someone who will take it personally and say something unprofessional.


They’re all on their phones…

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People refer both to Activision-Blizzard and Activision as “Activision” to push a narrative.

Activision is a division under Activision-Blizzard.


As an aside, he streams on Twitch now, goes by Sakaar.

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I came back almost a year ago and the communication for 2019 has just dropped off the face of the Earth. We don’t even get Q&A’s anymore.

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It’s funny because you go and play other games, and visit their social hubs. And people there ofc complain, and they’ll complain about bad communication. But when they do that, people will reply with. “Sure, it’s not ideal here. But have you see how bad it can get? Look at WoW.”


So little communication so true OP. Lack of transparency. Yithisens was a great CM. Sorely missed. So feels weird man. Very erily quiet. :scream::scream::scream::scream::rage:🤷:sob::sob:

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They hate us.

You and me in particular

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Didn’t the last round of “layoffs” remove a lot of them? There are probably only a skeleton crew left.

Also, I feel bad for them. I know it is their job, but they are sandwiched in between a player base that wants to hear one thing but have to tell what Blizzard wants them to tell and smile the whole time. They get to be that buffer between the player and Blizzard and it is thankless.

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It’s not hard to understand at all. But the CMs may not have any information to report. They can only give us information they are told can be shared. They also can only give us information if the devs actually pass info back to them.

The bottom line is that CMs are little more than info gatherers. They read, compile, forward information to the appropriate departments. If they are given information back, and told that they are free to share that information with the public, they pass an update back to us. If they are not, their hands are tied.

These are Tech Support issues, mostly. And the Tech Support forums are much, much more likely to get answers to the issues. They will ask for specific information from you so they can help you find the problem.

For Bug Reports, you’re not going to get a reply. Submit the Bug. They don’t respond to those generally. And frankly, that should be preferred. I’d rather them see the problem and find/fix it than post a useless “we’re looking into it” response. We already know they are looking into bugs, they don’t need to tell us that.

A CM can’t tell you if reinstalling will work or if re-copying your character will work or if a bug report is being looked at.

I think you’re expecting more from the general discussion sections of this (or any, for that matter) forum than should be expected. For what you want, you need to be using more specific forum areas where you’ll see the responses that you’re looking for.