Maximum Realm Capacity Increased – August 28


Yay! Thank you!


Love it, thanks!

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First! 10char





Won’t this make it more difficult to turn off layering before Phase 2?

I guess we’re trading queues now for possible queues in the future.


nice! Thanks

Remove Layering NOW

what difference in sizing are we talking? roughly.


This was an option the whole time? Haha. Whoops. I’ve been having my wife start the queue a few hours before I get home.


Since the restart earlier, Barrens on Kromcrush is unplayable. there is latency issues for every single player and we cannot advance.


Nice! I’ll finally be able to play with my wife and her boyfriend now.


Question, how will this affect the future plans to get down to one layer per server?


TY, this is what people have been waiting for!


not quite buddy. You got it next time lol


I understand the Layering concerns, but for now I think that’s secondary to people even being able to play at all.

(Oakttg) #17

This should have been a day one fix, if you really think most players will quit and dont want dead realms just let all the tourist into the servers, if they leave before P2, the problem fixes itself, if too many people are still playing by P2, they will have to add more servers or keep layering anyway.

Why they moved so slow on this obvious fix many people brought up on day 1 just makes no sense, except in a its blizzard in 2019, dont expect competence from this company sort of way.

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great news!


hopefully this will allow us to see the inn keeper in the barrens! there are so many afk people on Grob in that building you cant even see the floor.


You know, you could have bought a lot of good will two days ago if someone had some out here and said you were working on this

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Excellent news. Hope it was just a precautionary thing and not some way to generate hype over insane queues haha!
Glad to hear nonetheless.