Maw Walkers or THE maw walker

That WoW questing has been a glorified single player campaign for some expansions now is no secret to anyone.

But this introduction to Shadowlands, while awesome (they really did improve their in game cinematic animations), and getting me hype, made me question a lot of stuff.

Danuser said in an interview long time ago that there would not be only one maw walker, that the player character would be one among the maw walkers, unlike previous expansions where the player was the only “champion” and so on.

But that is not what happens in the game, for some really unexplained reason, the player character is so special that said character is the only that could open the gateway from the maw to Oribos. And all the text dialogue seems to reffer to the PC as the only case.

The only way i can see other adventurers coming from azeroth would be through the portals opened by the ebon blade, which to be fair is made pretty early, so i assume this is the only explanation the lore supports about groups being formed in the dungeons and raids to follow.

I’m upset that this is a case of the player character being super unique and special again, even more because there is no reason to… Why?

Wonder how RP groups will rp inside the shadowlands as well.

npcs literally call you “Ah a maw walker” “a” “Mawwalker”.


When does that start? Because I’m early into bastion questing.

Revendreth or torghast i believe. Its mentioned sometime in Maldraxxus with the npcs referring to you as a maw walker and putting it to the test etc.

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In Oribos. Some of the guards refer to you as A Maw walker. Which implies its pretty uncommon, but not so uncommon they never seen one before.


Schrödinger’s Maw Walker

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The escape sequence is a solo scenario wherein your character is the single person who escapes.

If they were serious about this, they either would have made it a multiplayer scenario like the Broken Shore, or they would have had some NPCs escape with you to stand-in for the players.


Exactly! There should be something like that, a group of players leaving together.

You have to wonder if it’s really escaping if you are the key to the door.

“You can never leave!”
Just walks away.
“Hey! Come back!”


I’m not done monologging yet!Reeee!


The player is the only one who escaped the Maw but then we opened a portal between Oribos and Icecrown for others to come in.

We’re the only Maw Walker but we’re not the only “Champion of Azeroth” here.

At the end of Antorus Aman’Thul calls everyone of the players “children of Azeroth”, just like the Heart of Azeroth item. So, there is more than one, by design. Just that sometime you’re alone, and sometimes - not. That’s how I see it.

The only one present at that time, at least story-wise. But others come too, I suppose. There are dungeons, and even raids in Shadowlands, or so I’ve heard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Player characters are like that. Just accept, that you are not like others in the universe for better or for worse. And the story does show you things others do not see. Not unique, shared with other players and maybe select few characters, but unlike most NPCs for sure.

gl hf

The whole “nothing leaves the maw” stuff is kinda stupid since clearly the mawsworn can escape the maw.

I assume - and this is just me trying to find an explanation - that the “locked door” of the Maw, as it were, is the way between it and the rest of the Shadowlands. And it previously was the only door in the Maw, too. But the Mawsworn in Azeroth weren’t escaping through that locked door, they were escaping through the giant hole Sylvanas blew up in the back wall of the prison, effectively making a new door that leads to Azeroth. But the door to the Shadowlands is still locked.

Nah the mawsworn have agents out in the world like devos etc.

I kinda see that as more the owner opening the door and letting his pets out of the house to play.

EDIT: which I now realise doesn’t make sense since the owner himself cant leave… hmmmm?

Ion said that Sylvanas and the player are the only ones at Blizzcon. He implies the player is singular.

Having agents to do their work for them is different than the Mawsworn themselves leaving, though.

It implies they can talk both ways. The mawsworn invade other places as well

There are mawsworn in the Bastion ending etc.

I don’t know if they revealed this but are we attuned to the Shadowlands technology because we handled the crown after Sylvanas? It was mentioned in the starting quests she left an imprint on it.