<Mature Gaming> Recruiting

Mature Gaming is a small raiding guild on Hydraxis - Terenas US. We are a laid back group comprised of middle aged folks and mature young adults. Most of us have come together from other servers with a wide range of raiding experience. Though we are small we have made the leap into heroic progression raiding and are looking to add to an already strong core of quality players.

On average our raid size fluctuates from 14-20 folks depending on who is available. We are a family oriented group, with a true understanding of family and real life first. The guild is lead by a group of Co-GM’s who work extremely well together and experienced raid leaders with a firm belief in educating the raid as a whole and providing the best chance for our continued success.

We are currently 9/9 Normal BoD and 4/9 Heroic BoD. We have accomplished all of our progression in this raid patch without having used a single pug for a single pull, which on this server with its current population issues, is a feat of strength all on its own.

The guild raids on Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday nights from 8:30pm (EST) until 11:00pm (EST) which is 6:30pm-9:00pm server time.

We are in need of a healer, preferably a Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin. We would also like to add one or two DPS to our ranks, preferably a Warlock and a Death Knight.

There are also a few folks in guild that work on higher tier Mythic + content and old school achievements.

If interested in raiding and a laid back, enjoyable environment with good quality folks, please reach out to Thorodian, Zandarion, or any other toon beginning with Thor.

Hope to talk with some of ya’ll soon.