Mathias Shaw is gay for Flynn Fairwind?

who isn’t gay for Flynn. hhmmm hmm i’d peel them potato’s.


If only it where that simple. Because of his social position his kids need to be of noble birth to satisfy the nobles.

When he’s undercover at a bar trying to destress he lets himself flirt with the barmaid. But knows he could never marry her or have kids with someone below his station.

Sw has a established social hierarchy. Im really shocked he hasn’t been forced into an arranged marriage by the nobles. Like varian was.

I bet plenty of girls would give him snu snu just for kicks if he asked though.

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Nobles shmobles. I say let him do what he wants.

He could give up the crown then he could. But then sw would go into civil war. And he does care about his people.

That’s sad.

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Agreed completely, as I’ve stated in other posts. There’s nothing at all in game where I see them acting in any way other than to get the job done. I’m not sure what conversation Ishs is referring to above. They’ve been in the same place at the same time literally… once? twice?.. in all of BfA, inclusive of them breaking into Dazar’alor’s treasure vault. In the vault, there was no cute conversation. Shaw was just irritated by Flynn’s antics.

Taelia, on the other hand, has shown softness for Flynn. You can hear it most especially after she rescues him (and the player) from a beating at Sweete’s command. So I’m not sure how people can see so much into something that’s not there and ignore something obvious.

However, Ishs is right. Blizzard wants Shaw and Flynn to be a thing… But it’s not because they’re so right for each other or have any history of anything at all together. It’s because they’re both immensely popular characters and making them gay lets the company check off “gay romance” on their “being inclusive” checklist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good with Flynn not being stuck locked away in BfA content as this will let the character keep moving forward potentially, but I would have rather seen gay romance between characters who HAD something going between them in the first place. I was much more moved by the lesbian pair in the one enchanting(?) profession quest line in Legion.


Their further interactions are in the new book. But i think they better establish a friendship with romance as a future possibility. Then them being a set couple by the books end.

This, so much.

There was 0 hints the entire BFA they had any interest in each other then suddenly in one book we have to get 100 of these threads. Cmon.


So is every NPC in WoW gay now?

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No but seems like some pushes are happening.

I did like that lolthemar and thalrysra are a couple or at least friends with benefits.

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Who wouldn’t? lmao

I bet varian had some secret lovers to we’ll never know about.

Heck after an intense adrenaline filled battle in the pits i bet varian and valeera had some fun at least once.

Heck valeera is one of anduins closest friends. She may have given him nookie at times just so he doesn’t break from all his stresses.

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Why are all the guys gay? when will we see valeera or alexstrasza eating some other girl out?

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You can on rule 34. Lol

The internet. If it exists theres adult art somewhere.

I don’t understand this particular pairing myself, though I do find the parallels between them and Shaw/Flynn interesting.

There was absolutely no on-screen development between Theron/Thalyssra, yet they are made a couple, or at least a romantic interest in the book. Fans rejoice.

However, when Shaw/Flynn are introduced with the potential to become a couple, it’s labelled as ‘pandering’ and ‘checking off a box’.

It makes me really sad that a heterosexual relationship can still poof out of nowhere and be seen as legitimate, but homosexual relationships are not.



Dude with the real questions.


I think it’s less this and more that folks are just itching to be mad about something.

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Yes but they are putting gay characters, men, so why are there no females then? I don’t want to think of 2 sweaty hairy guys doing it.

I admit Lolthemar and thalrysra has some level of pandering to. But it didn’t feel as forced to me.

A lot of lolthemars and thalrysras bonding is off screen and talked about in the new short story. Or quests in legion/bfa where they fight side by side alot. There a greater time sink for their relationship.

Essentially we are told the nightbourne got really chummy with the belfs at the end of legion.

So behind closed doors the two have been spending a lot of time together and writing poetry when apart.

Hell once sylvie team rockets away their dialogue all but tells you thalrysra is taking lolthemar captive for snu snu for a few days and he has no choice in the matter.

She literally ahead of time gets his friends to agree to boot him back into her bed if he tries to go back to silvermoon.

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I’m giving you a like for your name alone. It’s hilarious. Khadgar is my favorite WoW character.