Master Vrakthris: When I get bored, I Read Your Forum Posts

I don’t think I’ve ever seen funnier customer service posts from an actual employee anywhere. Your posts are like ripe red grapes harvested fresh off the vine and hand-squeezed into Blackbriar Mead. You’re partly the reason I’ve taken an interest in Blizzard as a career choice. Where else can anyone be a lively customer service representative?


I should caution you a little on stoking the flames of his ego. :wink:


The reason why Vraks profile pic is a “W” isn’t because the forums haven’t been updated. It’s because it’s for Winner :slight_smile:

(I’m still waiting for the handsome fly infested centaur, and the ban hammer wielding baby panda, with the monkey and his Fez hat.)

But yes, although I’ve moved on from the forums, I too still come here on down time to get a good ol chuckle from vrak!


Well thank you, Swine. I hope my posts are informative as well as entertaining but mostly I hope I am helpful to those who need it. :slight_smile:

I have never regretted the decision I made to come here many many many moons ago. My job is never boring and my position has been able to evolve over the years, especially with the increased popularity of social media platforms. If your career does indeed lead you here, hopefully you’ll stop by and say hello.

Shush you. :stuck_out_tongue:

You and me both, but it seems that pretty pictures of our avatars aren’t that high priority in the grand scheme of things. One day, I’ve promised cookies to whoever can get it done. :smiley:


I miss the centaur too. Don’t forget, you can always go visit him in Thousand Needles. :slightly_smiling_face:


I must confess that I find Vrakthris comments in threads a comfort and solace in these perilous times.


That’s why he’s my Papa!


I want to echo the sentiments. I mostly lurk around the CS forums, but every time I’ve needed something and Vrak answered, he has always done so diligently and respectfully. When he went the extra mile to help me restore a demon hunter recently, I was limited in how I could rate my experience with both the GM and Vrak. I got around this by giving the best possible rating I could, and echoing my sentiments beyond that limit in the wording of the feedback field.

On top of that, I see Vrak get dealt a lot of animosity and other such stuff from dissatisfied ticketers or posters, and sometimes I wonder how he manages to do it. I’ve worked in customer service for a long time, and some of what I’ve watched him handle would have me blow a gasket. And yet, he calmly and collectively helps as best he can and makes an honest and true effort to sympathize when he is unable to assist.

Sometimes, I feel like Vrak doesn’t get as much recognition as he should. Call me “stroking his ego”, but I think Vrak has earned the praise.

I still love the panda and the fez-hatted monkey, but most of my interactions have been with Vrak and so my reply here demonstrates that quite nicely.

Thank you for all you do, Vrak. It is most appreciated and even the best possible rating from the surveys is insufficient.

Edit: P.S. I think a trip to Thousand Needles is indeed in order!


He’s neutral, so everyone can visit him.

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Now there’s something you don’t read everyday.

Also, I had no idea you had an in-game NPC named after you. I’d make an in-game reference one of my goals, but it seems I already have several hundred.

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Two. The other is a blacksmith inside Culling of Stratholme - Brock Thriss


Fun fact!

Almost all NPCs are either current or former CSF Blizard Staff. Take a look at their last name for a hint. :wink:

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Well, some, but yes. Zarhym still exists on Timeless Isle. Bashiok is a Botani. Muffinus, or Feasel the Muffin Thief is in Mac’Aree.

Had to remind myself of Vrak’s role in the game. Skycaller Vrakthris is the bitter old centaur shaman who (rightly) suspects the Goblins and Gnomes of attempting to scam the tribe out of their land. And he remains permanently neutral due to being involved in a quest.

Brock Thriss is probably dead I would say. He was kind of in an unfortunate place at an unfortunate time.

Did I need to clarify my statement? :slight_smile: I thought it was clear by the current dialogue

Almost all Caverns of Time: Stratholme NPCs are Customer Support staff that were blue posters at the time it was created.

And as it’s been mentioned a lot of times before – CMs are NOT CSF agents. :smiley:

For more info:

Side note: I have a battle pet named after me. :smiley:


Clarification is helpful actually, thank you.

I’m aware of this, but between the aforementioned misunderstanding, as well as a misread (I didn’t notice “CSF” in “CSF Blizzard staff”), I was thinking of all Blizzard staff represented in the whole game.

But I still think they count as relevant to this discussion. They’re still part of the broader group of “forum people” and are similar to Skycaller Vrakthris in nature.

And our little Sha of Happiness is still soooo cute.


Fun fact: I was actually an NPC but so grateful the team shifted to my pet being an achievement reward. :smiley:

What NPC/Pet are you? And how/why did you get one named after you?

Viral happy meme in Pandaria. They did it to honour the meme and surprised the happiness out of me!


It was big. There was a mega thread in General Discussion and a Twitter account.
{◕ ◡ ◕}