Just stared palying again on M3 Pro Max - 36GB RAM.

Runs absolutely beautifully usually. but as soon as i get into a Raid, the lag breaks the game. There is no visual lag, i just become completely out of sync with whats happening in the raid and cant interact with anything.

For example, o my screen a boss was at 50%, but in the chat the boss was killed. by the time i cantch up to the right time, the raid is over and ive missed out on loot.

Any advice, not sure what to do .

Ive turned off Game Mode, ive also toggled all the options in the settings.

Any ideas?

I know my system is good enough to have an enjoyable experience. However, from time to time, I do experience what you describe.

It usually comes down to either a connection issue or an addon.

If this is a random raid group, the group leader might have been in a different region. Meaning you’re in North America, group leader is in Europe. Or maybe just a bad ISP connection. A simple reboot usually resolves this for me.

Certain addons can also cause crazy lag issues. Make sure all your addons are up to date. Try turning them off 1 or 2 at time until you find the culprit.

if internet is not up to snuff, turn off “optimize network for speed” in network options because it makes game use much higher bandwidth

Thanks for your advice. Will try another raid after turning off all mods and the overnight reset