Massive Blizzard fumble

Plenty of support for all of the ideas being spammed here. Bring back clones or give us fresh. Not a single voice from Blizzard in any of this.

Blizzard is just sitting there giving us the middle finger for months on end. ICC is on its way and it is (for the vast majority of Classic players) the last remaining straw holding together this player base. Classic Era is primarily a place to fall back while waiting for fresh, but after strangling that community by removing snapshot clones, it too is on it’s way out.

My guess is that there will be a shift, once subs start to fall off towards the end of ICC classic. I’ve been active on classic since day one, and I am letting my sub lapse in April. It’s over for the foreseeable future and the forum is a blatant reminder of that.

Guessing that will be a fun shareholder meeting when they can’t hide behind inflated subscription metrics, pretending that we all play retail, further justifying budgets for new retail content over supporting classic. GG, I’m done.


I wholeheartedly agree with everything written in this post.


You did a massive fumble when you didnt clone your classic character because you chose the crappy and falsely so called “expansions” over classic. Now deal with it.


Zip it pal, you have no idea what goes on in other people’s lives. Spewing this trashy speculation is trolling.


Wish they would do something, 3rd party classic looking pretty tempting.


Era is popping and has been for months.

I too would like clones back…

but dont be silly.

Nah. I love TBC and Wrath as well, but Vanilla is where it all begins and where most of us end up coming back to. It’s completely dysfunctional for Blizzard to punish players who went on to enjoy the rest of classic content before coming back to Era. If there had been any indication that clone service would be deleted randomly while we were off enjoying TBC/Wrath, I would have gladly paid their fee up front for the clone, and this is what I have heard in all of the posts regarding this topic. People want to pay, even just to hang out in 60 content with their characters while waiting for fresh servers (also no response from Blizzard). There is no point or reason for Blizzard to offer a service like character cloning and then pull the rug out from under our feet when we decide to make our way back - ALL WHILE PAYING A SUB - which is money that they refuse to put back into the community from whence it came (<3 Boromir). To find that our snapshot clones are permanently unavailable a short time later after playing the very game that this service is made for, is a disgrace. I don’t know what world you live in, but in this one, it’s unacceptable for a company to intentionally alienate and divide a player base while simultaneously deleting player data, again which we paid for, and which took us months and months of time to achieve such as a full BiS Naxx geared level 60 characters. That isn’t even the main issue. The problem here is that Blizzard is simply holding this community underwater while we scream and struggle for a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t matter which topic is being discussed, or which requests, comments, or ideas are being put forth. Blizzard isn’t on the other end and that is what this is all about.


Where fresh?


Yep, we can just play with way too many players and this half baked HC addon for the same 15$ a month.

They are intentionally giving us nothing, so that we get so bored we buy their new garbage console game. Us “loyal fans” don’t matter in the slightest to them, because it’s not even the same people … the guys who made the stuff we love aren’t even there.


You people acting like you didnt know about the cloning is hilarious! Of course you did.

Everybody did, you just didnt think era is a long term thing and chose the “expansions” over it. You judged badly and now want to get your will regardless.

I remember so many folks mocking me for cloning my character! I thought i put way too much time into it to send it off into the dying expansions.

Well there you go folks. You wont get your characters back, better start leveling!

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Doesn’t seem like you’re actually reading anything that is being said, just running your mouth off against people who love the same game that you love. Why alienate yourself in a community of people who are all pushing for the same thing - more wow classic.


I wouldn’t expect any real news or anything new until AFTER the sale is complete which should be “soon”.

No, youre the ones who asked for the falsely so called “expansions” to repeat in the polls, the people who are the death of this game.

Now that your streamers talk about Era again you suddenly want to return.

Anyway, you wont get those characters back so as i said before, get leveling!


Many of us didn’t, so shut it.

Some did, and so what. Great way to run a company, punish people for not paying a fee. They are still loyal customers who are paying and playing. No one should have to jump through hoops to access a character they worked on for years, it’s ridiculous.

So you know how it feels to be mocked and you didn’t like it. Yet here you are doing the same. What a hypocrite.


You realize every decision blizzard makes now is 100% motivated by the financial profit This is NOT a game developed by passionate designers anymore. you can tell by how much decline DF and Wotlk are in, despite being OK products… I promise you, when its time for their quarterly sales numbers and they arent hitting the mark, you may get your clone service, or 90% off DF, or anything they can muster to grab cash. It may seem like they dont care about us right now, but trust me, when the opportunity to milk era players is ripe for the picking, they’ll throw every service they can at us to swipe.

The reason why Classic era has staying power is because Blizz is like yhe government in retail and wotlk to am expansion, they hold your hand and make you complain enough tou think you cant enjoy the game withour them, meanwhile classic era has no expectation beyond classic therefore it is 99% a community driven experience. When Blizzard said “you think you want classic, but you dont” i think he meant “you think you wamt blizzard, but you dont”


Just cancel your sub and play turtle wow. Era is not popping bro. Idk why people keep saying that. Twow is actually poppin. Stop giving blizzard money. Come level up!

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It doesn’t have a non changed pve server. Pass

No thanks. I’d prefer not to play on a 2004 emulated client.

Also its basically always been a cringe RP realm. Its recent surge in popularity is solely because SOM ended.


Love private servers for what they were and gave us but now that we have tasted the good life with modern weak auras, addons, Classic Era graphics bump, I can’t go back.

Plus having a 49” monitor doesn’t scale at all with private servers.

please do not put whining for era clones on the same level as wanting fresh :expressionless: