Mashing X to sit/stand triggers RECK charges and Enrage/Blood Craze on the Beta

Didn’t catch the stream, but based on how this is written I’m assuming /sit worked in PvP 100% of the time?

As long as you are in the animation of standing up when you get hit, yes, 100% of the time. If you stand up too fast, or get hit while sitting down, it doesn’t work.

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Working as intended then. Perfect.

“Warts and all”

begins to remove warts


Is this working like it was in Vanilla? I honestly don’t know, I’m just bringing this up because I saw it talked about a bit leading up to the beta.

not really no - as a /sit macro functions differently than mashing X which makes you both sit and stand

if u mash a /sit macro you won’t trigger reckoning/enrage/blood craze

but if u mash your button which makes you sit and then mash it again to stand back up as the mob hits you, you will trigger those procs due to spell batching

spell batching is the glorious catch all that was in Vanilla and allowed creative gameplay usage such as this and double mage sheeping, or double gouges, or casting Lay on Hands on the tank, losing all of your mana, eating a global cooldown and hearing the cast go off…but the tank still died anyway

game/server technology has evolved since this was the defacto technical limitation during the time of retail vanilla wow, but the devs have made a design decision to basically slow down the batching ping for Classic

^^^ 100% blizzlike due to spell batching - read the blue post above where they discuss remaking spell batching as it was in vanilla for classic ^^^

Yeah, more or less what I’m getting at. Had it keybound to a mouse button all of vanilla for that reason.

  • Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.

Is wrong.

These 2 videos prove that is false blizzard.

originally published on warcraft movies on 2006-02-24[Baconn]

( 120 Human Paladin22915 Normally if you’re sitting down you would not get Reckoning charges from auto-attacks. However, you could gain charges from random NPCs by constantly sitting and standing up due to server lag: mob would try to attack you as your were sitting, so it’d be a forced crit. However, if you stood up just as you were getting hit, the server would see you as if you were standing and get a Reckoning charge. That’s from Baconn the Paladin who wrote the blue stickied Reckoning guide on the original vanilla wow forums: Poster:

Baconn at 5/25/2006 11:30:17 AM PDT Subject: Guide to Reckoning V2 (Current 1.10) The Blue post was written by a Vanilla PLAYER - not a Blizzard Dev or CM - all the CM did was sticky it. After patch 1.10, Baconn (the author of the stickied post) never bothered to update it.
The forum in 2005 shows a paladin saying reckoning doesnt work from sit, but sit to sit is not thesame as just sitting And that was a 2005 comment yet we still see paladins in 2006 gaining reckoning from sit to sit

There are 2 videos and 1 written description that prove that

Being critically struck while using /sit to sit DOES cause abilities like Reckoning to activate.

Blizzard we have hard evidence of this. Please all we need is 400ms specific batching for reckoning. Remove 10ms for reckoning please.

You put 400ms for spell batching and yet we have evidence reckoning works with original spell batching in the video and also /sit to sit is meant to be able to trigger abilities like reckoning.

We can see it in the two 2006 videos Blizzard.

Nerco’ing posts especially a 3 year old one is against forum rules. Knock it off and go cry about being awful at pvp somewhere else.


I signed up to play a fantasy RPG and if I have to watch paladins sitting and standing and sitting and standing in the middle of battle, I honestly don’t know if I could continue to play this game.

And I signed up to play how those guys in the 2 videos played the game because it’s fun.

Well I’m glad blizzard has sense enough to not allow such a stupid exploit.

If it’s an exploit then seal twisting is an exploit. And guess what? They are allowing you and me to seal twist so way to be paradoxical. It literally works thesame as Seal twisting does. Inside the batching.

Yeah cause there’s nothing immersion breaking about a fighter sitting up and down over and over again during battle. And I’d be happy if they got rid of seal twisting too, but at least it’s not immersion breaking.

Yes it is. We never had seal of Command to seal of righteousness seal twists exist in 2006! Thata definitely immersion breaking. It was always command to justice or other seals. At least with reckoning its truer to the game. And not something made up. So it should be 400ms like seal twists. Not 10ms. At least it’s true to the game.

Give it up, you’re not going to get your way. Blizzard obviously has a lot more common sense than you.

If spell twisting works with spell batching with 400ms. Then reckoning should too.
Either get rid of both or give us both.
It’s been proven in the 2 videos it does.

If that bothers you, you’ve got bigger problems there, cowboy.

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Blizzard says you’re wrong.

So deal with it or unsub.