March Over to the Trading Post for New Items!

The only thing I’d want is a pet I already bought from the cash shop years ago.

I really don’t care about playing dressup. You can keep your transmog crap

And quit prompting me to go to a trading post that has nothing I want to buy

The transmog stuff will probably please the crowd(or clowns this month) for a short while but when everyone is wearing it, I don’t know if the love for it will still last. It will be funny watching so many people running around as clowns though. If the mog fits… :grin:

we get a clown suit as our reward for filling the bar, and last month’s reward, the warden cat mount, no longer works. why bother getting the clown suit then? it’ll disapear too!

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Where are my last months items? My pink helm etc is missing from my inventory/collections. And no, it’s not a UI bug- already tried that.

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the trading post is a disaster and honestly its not worth logging in each month if this is what we can expect each month. do better blizzard. you used to make good games.

We’re aware of the issues people are experiencing and are working on them. Of note, if you froze an item from last month, don’t refreeze anything else. We believe this is a display error that we are working to correct. Players will likely need to log out and back in once the fix has been added to the game to see the item again.


World of Bugcraft. This is getting out of hand, and paying customers deserve to be addressed in regards to the game’s poor state.


Swashbucklers’ ensemble is missing in set list, and just purchased the pirate hat :angry:

Maybe we’ll get to keep the stuff we earn this month! woo I’m so excited to MAYBE not have all my work thrown out the window in April!!!

Hmm, you are kinda lying though - let’s be real. Would love a genuine response from Blizzard.

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Small indie developer. Please understand.

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Do the trading post quests change every Tuesday on resets? Not a fan of mythic dungeons being one of the requirements to fill the bar up. Not a fan of pet battles either.

Nah, this month’s objectives won’t change until next month when they add a new set of rewards. We are stuck with what we have.

I’m one of them :frowning:

I did see a blue mention that your frozen item is still there. The thing that’s bugging out is the display. So it’ll be fixed soon

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Oh well. Will have to add everything up, and see, if it is possible to get the bar filled without a couple of them. Got a sword transmog at least lol.

It certainly did look good, but my collecting impulses couldn’t get past how many other things I could get for the same coins.

(alas, my dwarven paladin seems to turn shields invisible now)

??? Check the transmog guy and be sure you don’t have that slot set to hidden, if that is even possible.

Trading post looked good the first month but its clear now that it only seemed that way because of the extra tenders we got for the first month. In month 2 there is no where to even get close to buying most of the items if you bought anything last month. This is either indicating that they are planning on selling Tenders for real money in the future or they are banking hard on FOMO either way is pretty disgusting.


Why not both?

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