[Mar 2] Disconnections and Login Issues

ditto dc’d every few min

Just got kicked from a mythic due to this. What’s going on?

Same thing is happening to me. Get DC’d every time I log in. Just started 15 min ago or so.

Area52 - Able to log in for about 30 seconds before getting disconnected.

same here cant stay logged in for more than a few seconds before it kicks me off again

We are aware of the disconnections and we are looking into this! Thank you for your reports, everyone!


Looks like it’s a wow issue as we haven’t had problems before and it’s constant DCs all afternoon

same issue here. Just started within the last ten minutes or so.

yay a quick reply XD

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Thank you.

Spectrum cable. Kel’thuzad US. dcing constantly in a dungeon for the past 10mins. I think they barely timed it beating the last boss without me. Still dcing after I got out also.

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Same here. I’m in Hawaii, using Spectrum cable, trying to connect to Blade’s Edge.


Spectrum, Wisconsin, Kirin Tor…if it helps. Same dc issue.

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Same thing here log in fine and then ZERO MS and gone!
Spectrum, NC , Blackhand

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Looks like multiple games are affected, and there seems to be a common ISP.

Having this issue as well connecting to Bleeding Hollow from Central Texas. I have high world ping too.

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Additional info if it helps:

Acct#1 … can NOT connect (You have been disconnected BLZ51901016) repeatedly
Acct#2 … CAN connect and log into character

also east coast US - server Stormrage - Spectrum service provider

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Spectrum here. The hamster needs to be fed!!!

Spectrum Ohio

I’m seeing a lot of Spectrum buddies here

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