Many will likely quit halfway through SoM

Your argument seems to be:

More difficulty = more people quitting



I don’t accept that it’s necessarily true. I think many of us would enjoy more difficulty. That also doesn’t automatically make me a no-life sweatbeard.


These realms will be lucky to make it that long. You’re boarding a ship with no future if you roll on these realms. They are going to be deserted then you’ll be left to rot like all the others. Blizzard has shown they don’t give a crap about dying realms, so the last thing you should want to do is sign up to more realms that will certainly die out fast.

Literally every realm. Look at Classic Era. It’s a game. Playing it is fun. There will probably be a chance to transfer to some non-seasonal realm after the season ends, if that’s what someone is interested in.


It’s not about being the best it’s about just having fun Is you’re going to tell me you literally have fun putting on your seal judging a target and just auto attacking him to death for 58 level straight.

Is speaking from someone that leveled a paladin in vanilla One of the most miserable experiences of my life but I stuck with it.

The only thing I could think about through that entire experience was why do I only have one attack when everybody else at least 2.

On top of that it has a cool down on it that’s not fun to do It’s not fun to literally go up to a mob judge him.

And then you’re just sitting there auto attacking for like 10 seconds at a time there’s a reason why they call that the afk class.

Is the most important aspect of a class in any game Is it fun to play Yes fun subjective and for the record I’m saying wrath classes.

Because everyone’s finished Is every single class is fun to play not just paladins everybody.

On top of that the meta’s not solved Think about it nobody know What is going to be the best Is all 3 of the tanks are viable all 3 of them have taunt.

Is boomkins no longer half manna issues Is the same thing with protection Is and retribution.

What’s the matter with that

Nothing I just asked what you were asking, those changes sound fine, but yeah I’m fine auto attacking for 59 levels why not?

I’m not here to be efficient and quick I’m here to have fun so I am going to play what I want and accept what comes with it and have fun. I’m sure I’d have just as much fun if not more playing with the Wrath changes.

Autoattack is most of your damage for all melee specs. I don’t think Paladins are particularly boring to level compared to other classes, but I also leveled 2 Warriors to max during WoW Classic.

I think playstyle, experience, and personality probably have some impact on how fun it is to play any given class.

And FWIW, I’ve leveled and maintained several pallies in the past, but this is the first time I’m leveling with most of my talent points into the Ret tree. It’s OK, but I’m also mostly healing instances since tanks are so abundant while leveling.

There’s actually an SoM Beta forum. SoM differences won’t affect WoW Classic (Classic Era) at all.

Never thought I would see so many self proclaimed “Vanilla fans” get so upset over a server which is much more accurate to how Classic really was.


Exactly. People in here saying they want to play that classic experience while in the same breath asking for a complete overhaul of the classes, personal loot, etc lol

honestly I could go either way, classic no class changes or balances to make the less desireable more desireable, gonna play the same thing either way lol

yeah, to be honest I’m going to play it no matter what they roll out lol

Back when I played the original vanilla, most players didn’t do raids in the first place… So I can see this happening to a certain demographic maybe, but not the majority of players… But it’s players in 2021 so who knows?

Its not though?!

The Rank 14 system was implemented months after release, the first weeks we had no BG´s and you had to have your rank to equip your gear.
We also did not have xrealm pvp but DHk´s and a much stricter rank system where only a single person could be Rank 14 each week!

XP gain was much lower, AV was a battle for days not 5 minutes and you had no layering either.

People that talk about Vanilla being Vanilla because of world buffs or what not, most likely never played Vanilla if this is the only thing you remember about it.

2019 Vanilla wasnt and 2021 will also not be close to what we had in 2004/05.

As for those realms, they are clearly for retail players who want a quick run through content when Shadowlands offers no new content. Everything hints that way, why else speed it all up with the “prestige” to clear raids, as if that was the main thing at Vanilla.

Only 5% or so, even reached Naxx back then.

I feel that it shows once again, that so many Vanilla memories are coming from folks who did pirate the game, but never truly saw it in its original state.

Do you folks even know that the talent trees in 1.12. were not the ones we started with? That flightpaths took 20 minutes or more, that the ship only came a few times an hour and monsters actually respawned inside dungeons minutes after you killed them?

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I am curious and worried about how many more changes blizzard might add if and likely when these problems occur. I heard some people theorizing they increase number of drops in raid. And maybe that might work for this type of season.

I honestly would have been happy with fresh seasonal servers being the same as classic, WB’s included, but with faster progression. The some changes have already created many concerns.

As much as I want an authentic overall Vanilla experience - or as close as possible, this is potentially a likely scenario if Blizzard doesn’t increase the time of the seasons. That being said, even if say 2k or 5k play this, and we’re all on one server, that could be enough for the world to seem not dead.

But one thing to keep in mind is this. In Vanilla, we didn’t raid all raid tiers because like you said, it just took too much time. It was the previous raid tier and the current. If BiS was still in MC, well you’re SoL. Even when BWL was on farm at patch, MC still took like 1 and half hours at least.

People need to realize that they don’t need BiS for every slot in order to clear content.


Not gonna lie, my fear is people getting less BiS will cause raids to prune out less geared people more.

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I think at some point, there’s going to a shortage of bodies, they’ll need to take them.

Heck, it’s happening on some TBCC mega servers right now regarding guilds and players. Demand outweighs the Supply right now.

Spare me the rhetoric. I was there when it originally came out.

All those points your making, I’m not seeing em being repeated here. I’m only seeing people lose their minds over World Buffs. It’s laughable. People really want to watch a boss die in a minute with little resistance?


source: ur butt

those are two separate groups of people, bud.

Playing a ret paladin in classic and complaining it’s boring is like intentionally stepping on poop and complain your shoes smell.

Since it is a solved game and you already have the knowledge ahead of time and know exactly how all classes play out why would you not just play something else that looks more fun?

Not sure why so many want to try fitting a square into a round hole, it’s not going to work, just go with the flow and pick something enjoyable, the paladin in classic vanilla is a healing class, the whole “spec identity” garbage is a retail philosophy that never existed in vanilla, you played the class, not the spec.