Many Mage Issues

In general I am excited for Hot Streaks return as p2 mage was fun to play and p3 mage was mindless spam and praying you crit enough to parse. Fire Spec and Frost Spec were for all intents and purpose the same exact playstyle. Frost and Fire could be fun with some small changes and fixes. Arcane… looks rough… I wrote a lot more about that as I really enjoyed p1 leveling arcane and getting blast for the first time felt great to have a quick spammable low mana cast for solo play. Shortly after I got to 25 all of the fun was removed and I put them back on the shelf as an alt for a long time.

Frozen orb is currently on a 1 min cd and does 2k damage if all hits land on a mob. This needs to be a 30 sec cooldown to be similar to Living Flame. It is currently bugged and is eating fingers of frost charges. It should give fingers of frost charges and not remove them. I HOPE this is a bug and not intended.

Fingers of Frost - No reliable way to proc this ability. Fix orb and make it 30 seconds to fix this problem. Blizzard should also proc it as well. Mage Discord argues all the time about whether its even a dps gain to run this and deep freeze in raid because it’s so unreliable. Top parsers are running burnout as frost and that feels wrong.

Brainfreeze - Similarly to FoF this just doesn’t seem to proc enough to be viable. I’d love to see this do comparable damage overall to the 50% spell crit of the incredibly boring “Spell Power” rune but we’re just big crit machines with all of our builds currently. Maybe it needs to be the frost equivalent of hot streak and proc on frost crits?

Ice Lance - Was this completely forgotten about? This needs a major power spike to be useable. For a spell that needs frozen mobs or FOF procs it should be doing a lot more damage. Why does fire get to sling pyros over and over but ice lance hits like a wand? This rune alone should be CLASS DEFINING.

Overheat is great! In fact it’s almost too good as it is best in slot for Fire, Arcane, AND frost. However it is incredibly mana intensive with burnout and hot streak.

Living Flame - You took an incredibly fun button in that was a huge part of p1 being GREAT and took away all the fun. It’s horrible and outclassed by icy veins on all bosses. It’s usually not worth swapping to for trash. This needs more uptime and the speed needs to be buffed back to what it started as. Unless you are meleeing the mob the flame spends more time walking to the enemy then actual uptime doing damage. Why can’t this spawn on the enemy like homunculi? This is also incredibly frustrating to press and have it resist and not spawn. The damage needs better scaling to be good again.

Hot Streak - Currently on PTR attempting Hot Streak Build ooms you INCREDIBLY fast. I think if the instant pyros were 0 mana this would help immensely.

Arcane Barrage - Hits less than an Arcane Missle tick. - How did this go live? It’s horrible and looks like the original version of Starsurge that was useless.

Rewind Time - This spell is till useless with Mage healing relying on Mass Regen and doing as much damage as possible.

Arcane Blast - Why does Arcane Blast not buff itself on stacks? It’s the worst DPS spec in the game. Further there is no pushback protection in the arcane tree and this makes it feel terrible for a lot of fights.

Regen - It can be useful if you’re a tank healer but you’d more likely use rewind time over it.

Temporal Anomaly - This is a joke amongst mages. If you get maximum value on a stacked group you just might heal 1k hp! This needs both major buffs and scaling.

Enlightenment - This is used by no one. I have an interesting idea for an complete overhaul. At 30% mana reset the cooldown on Evocation. Remove the Channeling from Evocation to allow this to function like Warlocks Drain life rune. Give this a 3/5 min cd. Give it a 30% damage buff for mana above 70%.

Missle Barrage - Can we cast these while moving? Mages have a huge issue with mobility as a healer as we need to hard cast everything. The damage on this is also bad and needs scaling.

Arcane Surge - Completely unused. Had a short life as a cheese cooldown which made you feel like a vanilla pom pyro double trinket mage. Cheesy sure? Are you useless if you don’t land the kill? YEP. It felt valid. I loved surviving and killing these mages on my druid. It now does less damage then Frost Fire Bolt. Either buff its damage again or rework it. Maybe something like uses 10% mana for 10% damage for ten seconds stacking. Allows you to surge surge surge surge to your desired power level.

Advanced Warding - The Magic dispel sure looks amazing even if most specs wont be able to fit this rune in. For healers the new casteable wards and shields are a fantastic idea! I haven’t gotten to try it much but feel like this is going to suck up WAY too much mana from the mage to be useable though? Can we also cast Ice Barrier on friendly units? That would be great!

Balefire Bolt - This is getting niche use by healers but primarily it’s biggest use is finding out that it was bugged and does damage through bubble and iceblock. This made it useful as a tool for everyone’s favorite SOD activity. DMF Griefing!

Please tell me we can get another quality of life book with even better food and water. Are we expected to buy durians for the entire phase? We have more mana than EVER but are expected to use the same quality of food and water?

I am hoping for further discovery of fishing and cooking recipes as well for this reason but for mages own sanity as a class that BURNS mana we spend what feels like half of our lifetime sitting and drinking. Can we get a big gulp?


Haven’t really read too much about the new changes in the PTR… but I appreciate you putting this together as a mage main. I, like many others, enjoyed P2 mage rotation and was dissatisfied with P3. I think I had more enjoyment solo’ing Princess for BoED (in regards to rotation) than sitting and spamming FFB all phase. Hopefully we’ll see some good changes when P4 drops. :pray:

Yeah man…
Im dying for arcane changes.
Arcane bararge hitting for 200…? Thats a disgrace man.
On top of it, 2.5 sec cast on arcane blast critting for 2.2k and it doesnt deal enough dmg at all.
Frostfire bolt critting for over 4.5k with buffs.


Ive been mage healing since phase 1… And there is alot to say in addition to what OP said about mages…

Mage felt like it had so many opportunities to have a unique healing profile and up to this point is has boiled down to spamming mass regen and arcane blast / missiles.

Arcane Barrage: no offense but this seems like pure laziness. You now have another way to spend blast stacks and get missle procs, but it is just retail/cata ability… This doesnt solve the problem that mage healer has and healing during intense movement. Which making missiles being able to cast while moving would fix easily

Chronostatic Beacon: This was almost an alter time like ability but then it wasnt and is only good in niche scenarios. If this was like alter time and interacted with the 6 piece CDR this could be insanely fun.

Wand healing: you guys did this but then it doesn’t scale at all. buff talents for this.

spellfrost bolt: this is useless as a rune, since your heals cannot benefit from the +crit damage frost gets, this will never get played. Not sure the intent here.

balefirebolt: actually fun ability to press as mage healer if you need to provide burst damage for your raid while still healing (like dragon fight in ST). Now it competes with Rewind Time.

rewind time: has potential to give really strong single target heals as a “oh crap” button. However if it competes with 5% crit and mana is not an issue, then molten armor will end up being better

no new ways to apply temporal beacon… maybe ways to move it around? make mass regen smart casted? if your regen tops your target it bounces off to another target to heal them?

Mage heal just feels like the entry into it is really difficult. Especially with the batching mechanic that defined the spec since it was discovered. If a player doesnt know about that, they cannot mage heal effectively.

There is the problem of talent points aswell. Arcane healer is in a weird spot where you have all the talents after getting arcane power, that just cant go anywhere. No way to benefit your mana, or provide any quality of life for the spec. e.g. arcane blast pushback or missiles while moving

there is rune issues where some things should be baseline or combine. Personally rewind time move should be reverted, and arcane blast should become baseline. Otherwise combine with missiles rune on waist.

I made a post outlining why true fire spec and hot streak/overheat will be dead, should give it a read. Was posted yesterday under the tag “mage feedback”, making overlapping posts doesn’t really help our cause. But good feedback nonetheless for the arcane stuff. Fire/frost dps are still in the poop bucket tho. My post goes into more detail so hopefully we can figure out how to keep one thread going so that devs pay it some attention.

Good ideas, I hope these are seen and put into the game.

I wrote this 2 months ago in early P3 on reddit but it’s still pretty accurate.

As a pure arcane mage since lvl 1 (and even in actual Classic Vanilla) I’ve got so many things to say about this topic.


First of all, arcane healing is very fun and engaging to play, but suffers from some key problems.

  • utility
  • overhealing
  • misguided design/nerfs

There is currently very little utility on the spec, and you generate a ton of overhealing because you want to keep casting at all times otherwise you tank your DPS. To solve this and overhealing in one go, I’d like to see overhealing being converted to random time-based buffs for the recipient such as attack/cast speed, movement speed, add seconds to current buffs, cooldown reduction, faster resource regen, etc.

Also, the spec is pretty much entirely dependent on Arcane Blast, that’s not necessarily a problem in itself but having Rewind Time on the same slot means Rewind Time will never see play. Speaking of, I’d like Rewind Time to literally reset a target to the state they were in when Temporal Beacon was applied. (health, mana/energy/rage, time left on buffs, everything)

The nerfs to healing from AoE were not the correct nerfs. What they should’ve done is reduce the amount of times a Temporal Beacon can trigger per second. That way, you can still have Arcane Explosion, Living Flame and other AoE do non-useless amounts of healing without becoming completely busted and allowing you to facetank an entire dungeon solo.

Temporal Anomaly is a cool ability, but kinda useless. It has a “follow this ball” requirement, it has a long cooldown and offers very little mitigation either in PvE or PvP. Also has 0 spell coefficient which is unacceptable. Needs a rework. What I’d like to see is the ball getting centered on your target, and any heal that falls on that target while they are under the effect of Temporal Anomaly project a % of that heal into shield for all party members in range of that target. Your target would effectively become “the ball”.

Missile Barrage is awesome, but it should stack so that if you get 3 triggers in a row, you’re not losing them. Also should not be restricted to specific spells. Trigger chances should be school-wide. Yes, casting Arcane Missiles or even Arcane Intellect could trigger Missile Barrage.


Solo, the spec is almost unplayable in PvP. We have no spell pushback protection so getting non-instant spells off against many classes is impossible, and that’s not even considering that all classes can interrupt us now. Also, the added 50% self-healing reduction on Temporal Beacon is completely unnecessary considering the amount of damage all classes can output. Also why is Temporal Beacon purgeable? That thing should not be magic.

In group play, applying Temporal Beacons is pretty much useless as it’s very difficult to land significant amounts of damage to enemy players without risking getting destroyed as all our relevant arcane damage spells are either AoE and therefore negatively scaled into oblivion, or 30y at most which puts us in the effective range of almost all classes in the game. Chronomantic Preservation is extremely good, maybe too good in group PvP if you’re allowed to cast freely. Hands down the best PvP heal spell in the game, but it would be nice to have more than 1 useful spell.

Arcane Surge is a dumb as rocks, uninteractive and unfun ability that adds nothing positive to the game besides being able to maybe kill a clothie or half a warrior’s health every 2 mins with no counterplay whatsoever and should be completely reworked. I think it should serve as a reverse spellsteal that sends all debuffs you currently have on you to your target. Dealing with DoTs and debuffs as mage has always been a huge problem so that would solve that.

Advanced Warding is nice but has 2 main problems. One, the increase is not enough and does not scale; Mana Shield being doubled to 780 doesn’t really matter when a rogue can ambush mutilate you for 2000+ dmg from stealth on the opener. Should increase by 100% + some amount of % based on your spell power. Two, there’s still gaps in our ability to defend ourselves. It should make it so Frost Ward now also protects from arcane and shadow damage, and Fire Ward also protects from nature damage.

In a more general sense, I’ve given much thought about what could allow us to actually cast our spells in PvP. I have no problems with having shorter range than other specs on spells, in fact I welcome it as spec variance is good, but something must be done to mitigate this drawback.


There’s a pretty big problem that was looming on the horizon since phase 2 and now in full swing and will get worse. Arcane spec does not benefit from crit in an exclusive way. By making Spell Power available to all specs, it effectively leaves Arcane crit in the dust because Spell Power was originally intended as a catch-up deep-tree Arcane talent to smooth everything crit-related across specs. Now, Frost and Fire have access to it, and with the power of Frostfire Bolt’s double school, you can double-dip Ignite and Ice Shards for the same spell effectively increasing crit damage by 175%, then igniting your target for 40% of that. If Frostfire Bolt hits for 1000, it will crit for 2375, and then ignite the target for an additional 950 damage. That’s over 3x damage increase on crits. There needs to be a mechanism given to Arcane to compensate for this.

To fix this, I think they should add a rune that converts all your crit chance into 2x or 3x spell haste instead. That way, it’s not an Arcane-specific fix but Arcane benefits from it the most as it’s the most mana efficient spec and also the one that benefits from the crit stat the least. This would also be a good help for Arcane in PvP as spell haste is very useful there.


PvP is horrible, healing is fun and decent but limited, and DPS is left in the dust because of crit.

Addendum for P4 :

Living Flame : I really like the idea of a very powerful spell that players can dodge, but having its duration gutted to 10 seconds means that most of the time it exists is spent traveling somewhere instead of either doing damage or forcing movement. Have the fire start on top of the target instead of on the mage.

Arcane Barrage : Very underwhelming ability. The only use I see for it is dropping blast stacks (and there’s plenty other spells to do that such as Living Flame), or tickling opponents in PvP. With 300 spellpower it does a pathetic 150ish damage. It should have no cooldown at all, and add blast stacks instead of drop them so we can use it to sustain blast stacks through moving around and also generate blast stacks in PvP (which is almost impossible with arcane blast).

Rewind Time being shifted to bracer is a great move. Might actually see play now.

Advanced Warding change is awesome. That’s exactly the kind of utility arcane mage was lacking. More of this please!

It is currently bugged and is eating fingers of frost charges. It should give fingers of frost charges and not remove them. I HOPE this is a bug and not intended.

Sadly it prob is not a bug and IS intended. This is because FoF fundamentally functions differently from Wrath (which SoD copied) to Cata (which is where Flame/Frostfire/Frozen Orb was introduced).

Wrath/SoD FoF applies to ANY spell that can crit, whereas Cata FoF only applies specifically to Ice Lance, DF, and Brain Frozen FFBs (though it’s bugged in Cata Classic atm, it eats a charge but doesn’t actually benefit from Shatter). Cata FoF has clear builders and spenders, Wrath/SoD FoF does not.

In addition to Ice Lance remaining the horrid Wrath version, this really shows how little SoD Devs understand or even care to understand how Frost mage plays or mages in general really.

Brainfreeze - Similarly to FoF this just doesn’t seem to proc enough to be viable. I’d love to see this do comparable damage overall to the 50% spell crit of the incredibly boring “Spell Power” rune but we’re just big crit machines with all of our builds currently. Maybe it needs to be the frost equivalent of hot streak and proc on frost crits?

The much bigger problem with it is it still shares a slot with Spellpower and thus will never be chosen. It should get the Hot Streak treatment and be moved to a better slot. I suggest Wrist since once we get 6pc Tier bonus we will run Ice Armor.

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The much bigger problem with it is it still shares a slot with Spellpower and thus will never be chosen. It should get the Hot Streak treatment and be moved to a better slot. I suggest Wrist since once we get 6pc Tier bonus we will run Ice Armor.

That is something I meant to touch on but forgot. Weird to have a set bonus that actively goes against a rune.

Ahh incredible feedback, I’m very glad you have such an asinine opinion :smiley: brilliant. ANYWAYS. Hopefully fire gets some attn and devs figure out whats wrong with what we got in p3 and listen to players like myself who have a clue. I started out the post calling out the dev team for not listening to its player base. Nothing wrong with stating a fact. I also proceeded to spend the other 9/10s of that post giving VERY constructive feedback on what could save the spec and really knock p4 out of the park as a fire mage.

I don’t know what I was expecting but what they chose to give us certainly wasnt it.

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These ideas look great!

I read all this and you make some great points. Can I interested you in balefire bolt? ><


Dont hate on balefire guys, its exactly what mages need. A way to kill themselves cause the class is soo garbage by design


Don’t worry they hear us and they’re prepared to give us .1 more spellpower coefficient on Balefire Bolt in the near future which is sure to solve everything.

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