Man, Hunters really won now

Yeah, my hunter is pretty happy with his very normal (for Warcraft standards) cats and windserpents. Huge glowy pets are just a bit too extra.

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Both flying and large pets can be… annoying. I generally play with my camera at a middling distance; enough to see mechanics in raids and whatnot, but I’ve never been the type to pull my camera so far out that I always get both Stormwind and Ironforge in frame while standing in Elwynn either, and large flying stuff can be a bit of a nuisance actually.

Yeah, if my hunter has a pet out in cities it’s usually a cat.

Meh. I am happy with Hati

I’ll still be using my Ghost Moose.

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I support this as well. I have several warlocks and I love the class. Took me until this expansion to try them, but I am satisfied with how my affliction locks play. More choices for characters is a GOOD thing!

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I feel bad for you then. Affliction lock this expansion is a poor, hobbled, gelded version of its Legion glory.

can’t they tame giraffes now too?

Another pet i can tame and name cat.

Hi I need some angy barbeque sauce is this Mcdonalds? In case you couldn’t tell this is Hernex…

I want tamable beavers, like those lil blue electric ones! You gave me Mooses Blizz now make it a win with the my beavers!

chants All Hail Canada! All Hail Canada! All Hail Canada! All Hail Canada!

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Imagine being able to tame Elegon and not actually needing the kill for an attempt on the mount :joy: