Man, Hunters really won now

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Agreed, but hey each to their own.


Celestial and thundering tallstriders when Blizzard!

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I’ll keep the ones I have. Not impressed or excited. Maybe some day, but not now.

I use a bear most of the time if I have a pet out. Assuming I buy shadowlands, I plan on using a pet with a speed buff in the maw. I usually forget to tame things cause I’m happy with what I have…and I play as MM.

The only celestial I want to tame is Chi ji. Coolest bird in game

Give Hunters actual dragons.

Imagine being like some crazy powerful being and then some Gnome girl captures you and forces you to fight and do her bidding.

It’s pokemon all over again.

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That is neat. Not a pet I’ll use, but I am sure looking forward to taming some new undead friends.

Gotta catch 'em all

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To each their own but I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my pets - I like the traditional ones that hunters are known for, particularly I like dogs, cats, birds of prey, etc. I’ve collected a few non-traditional ones and I don’t end up using them. I’d like more dog pets, because I’m missing my little buddy that passed away last year.

I have something like 7 or 8 hunters, I love them, I have a lot of alts, I love playing most classes, love the game, but my hunters are very happy. My draenei tames anything, so the cloud serpents are a must, and my undead tames diseased and dead animals, so that SL option is also looked forward to.
All of my other hunters have themes, wolves for my mag’har, fire pets for my DiD, plain wolves and deer for my human based on my dad, etc. Always love new things to tame, even if I only use two at a time, haha.

Tame Pet in WoW has gone from being a hunter taming a beast/natural pet to be a hunter’s companion to just mind control basically.

Still baffled that they can tame UNDEAD dinosaurs and such now… How does a hunter tame something that is a mindless, murderous corpse?

You know nothing of my work.

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Speaking of. We need tameable snails for hunters too!

As for Cloud Serpents, I dunno. They probably won’t be as popular as a lot of people think. Especially with all the other new models to tame, along with undead beasts.

But personally, I’m holding out hope that they change Fetid Devourer to a beast so he becomes tameable, much like they did with Chromaggus and Chimearon(spelling?).

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I don’t know, but if Rezan can go from being the loa of kings to my pet, I’m on board.


I tame many different pets, mostly use the ones with specialty talents. I personally don’t want a Cloud Serpent flying around my head and dragging it’s long tail all over the place. Definately will annoy me.

Magic…does magic wiggly fingers movement


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That is my concern, I LOVE the idea of having cloud serpents, because dragons, but I think they might get in the way as well. Most flying hunter pets and even battle pets get in the way sometimes, annoying when you click on them instead of your target. I might get a couple and leave in the stable though, can’t resist a couple…

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