Malthite 8/9M 2/2H Resto Druid Looking for Guild


Malthite-Area 52
Class, Race, and Spec (and Neck Level)
Druid, High mountain tauren, Resto (50 neck) Boomkin Off-spec

Raiding Exp

BC- Casually Puged
Warth- Quit
Cata- Heroic 10/25 man
MoP- Heroic and then Mythic when it was introduced
WoD- Mythic quit on Archimonde prog
Legion- Quit
BFA- 7/8M Uld, 8/9M BoD, 2/2H CoS

Guild Exp and reason for leaving

<KNF> people became burnt out on Jaina progression and the guild decided to disband.

<The Bad and the Ugly> us-Malorne .tier18 Quit when I started college and when I came back after my break in Legion, the guild had decided to stop raiding mythic mid expansion. In BFA they decided to just raid casual heroics on weekends.

Other than The Bad and the Ugly and KNF the guilds I have been in have fallen at the turn of an expansion or just in the beginning of the new one, so I have had to move in order to continue raiding.

For some reason I can’t put a link, but here is the Warcraft Logs URL ending /character/us/area-52/malthite#zone=21

What I’m looking for

A Horde Guild preferable 9/9M, preferably 3 to 4 days a week raiding

Raid Availability

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday after 6EST

Why should you accept me over anyone else of your class/spec?

I am always striving to improve, I’m able to take criticism, and I put in the effort to be the best I can. I feel that ranking and parses should come secondary to executing a fight properly and I put a fair amount of time outside of the raid so I don’t hinder our progression. I am vocal and always try to improve from raid to raid and tier to tier.