Is it right for a guy to play a female toon just to con guy,s out of gold and vice versa for women or girls playing male toons and begging for gold from other players

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No it’s not right but it works and the best ways to make money are never “right”. Practice your female voice though, it’s a lot harder to catfish people for money these days.


If you’re going to play a toon for 500+ hours, you might as well be staring at a cute butt.


Is it right for a human to play an undead? How alarming!


lol that human that is playing that undead first you have to look at it this way was that undead a human before it became an undead ,as the lore behind undead goes the undead was once a human before the banshee queen raised them from the dead.

Lol @ OP confusing commas for apostrophes and pancake for missing the point of the question and going straight to the cute butt argument.


Yes. It is always right to take money off fools in a video game.


we live in a capitalist society my son scam early scam often scam forever


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I can only imagine what sort of sad you are IRL if you can be cat-fished in a video-game by female pixels. :heart_eyes:

Personally, I steer clear of anyone who brings their creepy hormonal relationship/sexual desperation into the game (or anywhere else).


some players actually work hard to make what gold they have just for some a-hole to pretend to be something they are not and beg other,s for gold cause they are to lazy to go out and earn the gold themselves

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Are dudes still that stupid to give it to them? It should be more of an issue to find out what is wrong with these people giving money to someone for choosing a female avatar then if it’s wrong for the female avatar to do so. Those dudes giving money have to be pathetic AF IRL.


trust me i have never been begged out of and if i do give someone gold it is out of the kindness of my heart with no strings attached and when i do give gold it is no more than 3 gold something i can earn back real quick

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I wasn’t targeting you specifically with my post, just to be clear. Apologies if it came off that way. I was just talking in general player terms regarding the topic.

i jus enjoy the fact im a girl beating up on people. and their cast animations are cooler imo since i am a caster dps on my main and soon to be holy on my pali

In this economy, you make money any way you can. If that means pretending to be an elf in a video game, so be it.

Sounds kinda weird staring at a dudes butt all day. Rather stare into a girl butt for hours in raid tbh :slight_smile:

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People do this in real life all the time… Guys shouldn’t be so gullible. lol

GIRL - Guy In Real Life


LOL maybe in YOUR life, but in mine, I found the right ways to make money ARE the best ways. So far, has worked out well for me.

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Punctuation. Do you understand how it works?

i D’ont tHink. yOu do?

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