Malefic Rapture Not Counting Phantom Singularity Issue

Currently Phantom Singularity is only 1 debuff on the primary target. Previously this was a not an issue but with the addition of Malefic Rapture this raises a huge problem because it is now too far behind Vile Taint in damage (because VT actually does count) and will not see any play at all.

Please change Phantom Singularity to place a debuff on all affected targets so as to properly interact with Malefic Rapture. This will at least allow for proper balancing between the two.

As a side note, I really like Malefic Rapture and think its a great idea but it absolutely breaks and wreaks havoc with the rest of class’s designs from BFA. That goes doubly so for Dark Glare. Putting a band aid on and slapping some nostalgia on these glaring problems and just trying to shoe horn in a completely new method like this will only cause more and more problems.

Warlocks need a true overhaul from BFA’s DB single target emphasis to the new multi target Malefic Rapture emphasis.

Death Bolt is an insult to Affliction and I have to kill my darling Shadow Bolt but these are two other core problems that need to be fixed.

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