Maldraxus taught me a few things

If you give an abomination a brain, then it is a very scary scary thing. Also not sure how to feel about “holy” vomit.

On an aside it seems that Holy became its own school separate from the Light…hmmm.

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I don’t think the “Light” that the Kyrians use is holy. Rather, it’s “positively attuned” anima.

Also, the holy type should have probably been named the “Radiant” damage type instead

Kyrians don’t use the Light as of right now. The brightness of Bastion is not Light, like it is in the Ember Ward of Revendreth. Venthyr NPCs cannot walk around the Ember Ward, but can visit Bastion with no problems (go crazy, start sizzling, turn into ash ghouls, etc).

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