Making some nasty Boomkin Weakauras of prosperity

What up fam.

I’m a returning player, and when I saw WeakAuras now has a “stop motion” feature (which is what they call animation via sprite sheets) I started to get some ideas.

I know my way around After Effects, so I started planning a fully animated HUD.

The results have been nothing short of absolutely sick.

The best I can show right now (not home) is a concept that has changed a little:

(Since then, I have flipped it vertically and elongated it a bit).

Here’s an explanation:
What you see is a full astral power bar Incarnation active and both dots up.

Sunfire and Moonfire are represented by the two moonkins. They are not there when the associated DoT is missing from the target. On cast, they appear from above and fall onto the bar as a graphical effect meant to mimick the animations of Sunfire and Moonfire themselves.

Whenever Lunar Eclipse is up, but not Solar Eclipse, the whole bar is the blue color and progresses from the right. Whenever Solar Eclipse is up, but not Lunar Eclipse, the whole bar is yellow and progresses from the left.

During Incarn, the bar progresses outward from the center. With no eclipse, the bar also progresses from the center, and is a plain white/gray.

The two extensions of the bar that extend downward (upward since my update) are timers for Solar/Lunar Eclipse.

Much more to be added!

Sorry I don’t have much to show right now, I’m just too happy about the progress I made this morning to not post about this.

I promise I will have a gameplay video with the full HUD in an update.

Happy boomin