Make world buffs non-dispellable

There’s so much griefing attached to this, please make this adjustment.


For 25$, they will happily give you this adjustment.


A priest can dispel buffs… a shaman can purge buffs. I’m not sure how the mechanics of the game is “griefing”. This obsession with people believing they absolutely have to have these buffs to function is beyond me I guess.


PvP happened on PvP server.


He says this after he camped a lowbie in stv. Get out of here scrubby


PvE server is where you want to be.


Actaully the OP has a point. Its really stupid that a low level shamy or priest can literally jump back and forth between a portal and outside to steal world buffs from your raid. I don’t even use world buffs myself, but if I this happened to me if and when I do I’d be pissed.

I usually always miss the world buffs with my schedule… oh well!!

Not any more stupid than the same “low level shamy or priest” being unable to quest because one (or more) 60’s decided to spend an afternoon ganking lowbies. PvP happens on PvP servers.


Play on a pve server if you want guaranteed world buffs.


nope, dont be on a pvp server


Ganking is just PvP, survival of the fittest on a PvP server. The shamy or priest with no raid experience, no guild, and hell they can have no gear can steal your world buffs or even your entire raids world buffs that took each person 30mins+ to farm by spamming a single press of a button. Theres a difference. It’s just a dumb mechanic used outside of it’s original 2005 purpose of stealing hots or mage shields.

Its better to purge the 10% crit world buff off of someone in pvp than the HoT on them, maybe have your guild move to the raid as a group, thats how we keep our buffs.

Better yet, have your guild move to a PVE server and never let the other faction inconvenience you again.


Exploiting NPC resets to continually be able to have the buffs on demand, combined with selling cleared DM instances to get the buffs is even more dumb of a “mechanic.”


There are player solutions to player problems. People dispelling your buffs IS PVP and you chose a PVP server. Below is one thing you and your raid could do to prevent it, instead of complaining about it.

Buff your entire raid with other buffs. Even junk buffs like water breathing and detect invisibility. Now the priest/ shaman will have to dispel/ purge multiple times to remove your world buffs.

There are other things you can do to mitigate/ prevent it so use your brain instead of complaining about PVP on PVP servers.


Don’t you dare tell him to get good, better to change the game.

Transfer to a pve server. Problem solved.


Your guild has a serious problem if they stand there watching 1 low level purge people’s world buffs 1 by 1. Are you guys literal bots or something?


This is my thinking as well. Why do I get the distinct feeling OP complained about pvp during P2?


you know after just dying 6 times getting into brd cause horde are camping brm now cause of a guild on this server griefed them, i gotta say …

if you cant handle the heat gtfo of the kitchen.

go to a pve server if you are that concerned.

you signed up for the pvp server and shouldve known full well this would happen at some point.

p2 was different and very unwanted but even then it was pvp on a pvp server.

i would say it was very crappy of the horde and on some servers the alliance to do what they did but its a pvp server.