Make worgen decent

(Musclemass) #1

Worgens need to be able to battle in human form

(Yvaelle) #2

Why though?

(Brujanna) #3

Thaaaaaat’s what humans are for.

(Signey) #4

This reminds me of players that want to play druid but want to do everything without shapeshifting.

What’s the point?

(Abruek) #5

You mean you don’t want to play Guardian outside of bear form??? /s


Just give us worgen upright option and new hair styles/colors for worgen form…current choices are…braids or spikes…also color options for hair

(Nariala) #7

Alternatively you could roll a human.

They just need to get their model update.


I was forced to pay money to switch to human because the worgen is a limited race. It is the most useless race. I only want to play worgen, but I cant unless I only pve. If worgen can switch to human, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to fight as human and have human trinket. You should be able to choose what form for your instance. They should remove the ability to transform to human or they should make worgen be able to be human. Worgen makes this game look so bad, the worgen is strong in the lore but in the game they are nothing. Takes away from the lore hard. When I started this game I looked at all the races and was so excited to be a werewolf. But now I am a crappy human. This game was once a huge happiness for me to discover, but now that I’ve been playing for a few months and I’ve seen the reality of the worgen the game a really mellowed in coolness. Wow I’m so excited to be forced to be human to have a chance at having fun like everyone else.

(Adeuce) #9

This. Model AND animation update.

(Superchimp) #10

rip doggo :sweat_drops:

(Tauntcheat) #11

Bro, stop replying to your own posts. It’s just sad.


Also, hide weapons to fight with claws like a real worgen…

(Llothian) #13


I have seen this post…I fail to see ANY improvements in this post