Make "Vessel of Profound Possibilities" not require chapters


I am eligible for the “Vessel of Profound Possibilities” item on 4x chars (3000 score) and I still don’t have any 278 conduits on any of those chars because I refuse to do all chapters across all my chars. I’ve done it on one of my chars already, and that’s plenty enough for me.

Let us do the Zereth Mortis campaign once on the account but require us still to get 3k score, Elite in PvP or Cutting Edge. I don’t wanna do hours of campaigns on all my chars when I’ve already met the baseline requirement to get the item (3k score, cutting edge etc).

Would be nice for further alt friendliness if “Bag of Explored Souls” was bound on account so we didn’t have go to Korthia and lose out on resources for the boxes. This is a minor but a nice quality of life change to not have to open a bunch of boxes.


The issue of having to repeat campaign quest lines over and over again on every character you have is a theme that has run through every aspect of this expansion. Personally it has caused me avoid doing a lot of content just because I can’t stand doing the same content 12 times that doesn’t really provide any new experience or feeling of progression. It feels like hoop jumping and time sinking too often. This is something I’d really like to see addressed in 9.2.5 and not have to wait months until 10.0 to see substantial improvement on.


I think most of the past game design choices can be attributed to timegating as a way of forcing the player to spend more time in game and it would seriously seem we have totally pushed away from that philosophy as of late and started to make the game way better in alt friendliness and timesinks but honestly they are probably just forgot about certain things and will hopefully end up fixing this

It’d be nice if they added the 265 Unity Belt to the vendor account-wide as well.

The fact you need to complete the questline on every character is silly. And completing it puts the belt on the vendor, so it’s not like it’d require extra effort.

I’d be fine with a 265 Unity for my alts. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for 291s for a small dps increase.

It’s increasingly frustrating after the Dragonflight announcement, cause they say they heard that players don’t like reputation on multiple toons so they’re working on that with the new Renown system, but then… they won’t change current stuff in the meantime to be more friendly.


It’d be pretty nice if the 9.0 Campaign weapon/armor set chapter requirements were made account wide, or just strait up removed.

Purchasable ilv155 armor isn’t really something worth gating behind campaign quest requirements at this point.

100% agree with this. Getting to KSH / CE / Elite on an alt is hard enough and the reward should be tied only to that. Our mains have completed the campaign already. All I want to do on my alts is run some M+ dungeons or do some PvP. Once I’ve met the rating requirement to buy the item, let me buy the item on that alt.

I was really excited today when I got my Mage alt that I have been gearing for weeks to 3000 M+ rating only to find out I couldn’t buy the item when I got to the vendor. It feels horrible and it feels like my weeks of grinding on this character have been for nothing. Sure the campaign “only takes a few hours” but that is not the point, it doesn’t matter if it takes 2 hours or 2 weeks. I’ve already seen the story and done the content. I should not have to do it again.

Is there a chance at getting a blue post response for this? Was this an oversight compared to the other stuff that was made account wide? Is there justification for why this item still requires the campaign for alts?