Make the Mag'har Orc "Ancestral Call" work like "Embrace the Loa -"

(Syegfryed) #1

So it can actually be useful and thematic like the zandalari racial is, choosing what ancestors you came from.

If your ancestors are frostwolves don’t make sense the racial grant you a power that blackrock ancestors would give.

And it is rly painful to get a racial totally RNG based like this, you use it and get a buff that its completely worthless for your class.

(Drougen) #2

Nah, if they did alliance would cry even harder about horde racials being OP even though they completely disregard how well void elf racials are in comparison to night born. Or how dark irons have one of the most OP racials in the game :roll_eyes:


If they just revisit all of the racials (especially for gnomes and other races that have lackluster bonuses), maybe it won’t be such a harkening of “OP! OP!”

(Drougen) #4

Oh trust me, they could take racial out of the game and people would still complain.


(Syegfryed) #5

maghar have sympathetic vigor, AKA the worst racial ingame, i think we cans safe make ancestral call a bit better without the alliance saying something

(Artanu) #6

Gnomes are actually one of the better simming races according to bloodmallet.
#1 fury
#1 assassination
#1 shadow
And they top 3 a few others.

(Adorbs) #7

I think it’s ridiculous they can release races like maghar and nightborne with those racials then turn around and release darkiron/kultiran/zandalari.

It’s like they want to make people mad.

It’s not even about flavour, sometimes they just release straight up uninteresting 1% increasing trash then release choose-your-own-adventure racials or big game changers.

I don’t know if they’re trying to influence populations or not though. Maybe they have ideas on keeping the player base balanced.

(Bobbydígital) #8

i really hope this is something that is implemented later as a QoL change

it’s so ridiculous having your stat on use be RNG. using it on my warrior and having it give versatility is just stupid

why does it have to be random? if the bonuses were signifncalty higher to outweigh the “gamble” that might make sense but right now it’s entirely forgettable.

and that stupid pet health increase when you have access to a whole 1 pet class? really?

(Yagarr) #9

It could be tied to your skin color.

(Syegfryed) #10

would not be good, since its not always that the skin show your clan, like the blackrocks can have the black or brown skin, or the burning blade with brown and gray

what about maestry? the worse stats form the arms warrior? its painful

(Adorbs) #11

Just make it like loa. Pick one clan on a long CD and each clan gives a different stat so you can pick which one.

Hell, throw in a cool spell visual that represents the different clans too. Like, if you picked frost wolves (versatility for example) a ghostly wolf head or orc wearing frost wolf attire appeared above your head.

It might be so powerful you’d have to lower the stat given but I’m sure people would be ok with that if it meant not pulling the lever on a rng buff.

Or just change the buff to just be one effect. Maybe make it actually call upon an ancestor with a health bar so you can actually use your other pet racial…he can even shout and give stats too if you want.

(Glarz) #12

I wouldnt mind if they made the racial vers only and increase it.they.kind of make like like the orc racial but with just vers.

(Kellorion) #13

Agree with the Op, make that change
And do this, remove Vigor and give them a +10% rep bonus
to finally balance that out

Call it, i dont know, War Machine
Orcs are so good at eliminating foes and war, that the Horde races prefer them to show and fight for their causes more than the other races

Tauren show up, ‘sweet, good on ya mate’
Mag’har show up, ‘ok everybody nap time, these guys got dis.’


Hmm, interesting! :sweat_smile:

I guess I was remembering the wrong racial when I was thinking about them, because 1% haste wasn’t what I remembered at all. Thanks for that correction.

(Ràltar) #15

I don’t know what sympathetic vigor does, but it can’t be worse than troll’s beast slaying, which literally does nothing.

(Syegfryed) #16

it literally gives you 20% more xp by killing beasts

Sympathetic vigor increase 10% of your pet health, i can’t see what can be worse and useless than this

(Ràltar) #17

10% pet health does something for several classes. 20% extra exp on beast kills does exactly nothing at max level and doesn’t really do anything in the 3 hours it takes to get max level each expansion, either. I’d take the pet health any day.

(Syegfryed) #18

Like what? literally nothing? cause the 10% will not be meaningful
for the pet die or not

Several classes? like hunter and Warlock?, DK and mage if you get the right spec?

Its actually useful for lv up, more useful in 119 lvs than sympathetic vigor is in 120

Regardless, you have 3 more good ones to balance things, one its one off the best in the game, not the case with maghar

(Ràltar) #19

10% health is 10k more health for my pet. And when I’m out soloing group world quests, it would make a difference. That’s 10k more damage that my pet is taking before I have to rez it meaning I can focus on more damage.

(Relart) #20

Like don’t get my wrong Horde racials are too strong overall specially when comparing (WotF vs EMFH atm) to Alliance ones but i do agree Ancestors Call could be buffed or altered to be slightly more effective given the limitations of there other racials.