Make SoD feel like Classic again!

lol Xaryu has the worse ideas of all the streamers for anything wow related… That just proves you don’t actually watch any of the content they put out. That dude is a cringe fest when it comes to wow

Retail has been a dumpster fire for a decade and they play it. Streamers will say or do whatever they need to do for clicks and $$$


Okay i see you’re just here to troll, but I’ll engage one last time since you’re spreading misinformation here.

This was done by the community long before official hc.

I agree this is a bit silly, though you never feel it while playing normally and it was something a huge part of the hc community was asking for. I personally think greifing is a part of wow and there are many ways to avoid dragged mobs, but I am a minority there - most hc players seemed to want this.

This is false information - hit a pvp npc you get pvp flagged. They even made the swamp horde npc be more aggressive at pvp flagging enemies than in classic.

Unless they made this change in Nov - it is again false information. Pretty sure that only happens if a fp bugs. I leveled a hunter to 60 in hc recently and not a single time did a fp reset my hearth.

Now SoD has:

  • Nearly 100 class buffs in form of runes
  • Entire new roles to classes
  • lvl 25 mounts
  • Resilience item

If you can’t see the difference, I’m sure you’re just the perfect market for SoD :slight_smile: and I hope you have a great time play it.


Some people stayed on era.

I tried tbc and it was even worse that I remembered (my subjective opinion) so i quit until SoM came out, then when that died did a little pserver, and imagine after that Era was fully alive again.

Lie about what? TBC was horrible relative to vanilla.

If you think the hype train that went to tbc, then wrath, then a lot came back to era (followed by all the gold sellers and their bots) - is what defines a good game… I’m not sure what to tell you.

That’s the lie.

I never said any of that. Classic is just outright awful.

And yet you troll the classic era forums.

Sorry to everyone else for biting - I’ll control myself in the future.

They literally changed the NPC atop thousand needles to stop it. :clown_face: :clown_face:

I will thanks! Cant wait to continue reading your salt by either:
A. Claiming you arent playing yet still talking smack on every SoD thread or
B. Are playing SoD all day and night, talking smack yet still playing all night and day.

That is litterally classic my dude been playing this game for almost 20 years

I disagree that it “destroyed class identity” it is shakeing things up and amplifying and changeing class identity. Destroying them would mean there is nothing left.

Warrior class fantasy is being big and beefy chargeing in with plate armor smashing things with your might and a big 2 handed sword or going in with sword and board. That hasnt changed and no one else is doing that even in classic plus. (Paladins do not have a charge and use their holy powers)

All i am seeing is it adding more class fantasy

I cam now be a hunter who plays more like a sentienal or ranger from lore, i dont need a pet i have to micro manage.

I agree with you that my choice of wording is poor.

Some post was saying it increases class homogeneity which I think is a good way to describe it.

But also I think there is a slight element of at least cracking classes, because the new runes add powerful spells - which I think will make it so classes are never using the fun, odd, weak, spells that many have since it is unlikely there will be any empty GCDs to do so.

Like totem twisting, or twisting seal of justice for the stun, downranking, etc. all seem likely to take a negative hit in favor of abilities that are clearly defined and much more powerful.

These more obscure spells are an important factor in separating great players from just decent ones. They are a decent part of what make the skill cap high in vanilla.

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I’m not. Classic is awful. I don’t have to bruise my knees for a museum piece game to post in this forum.

I can agree to most of that, though again i feel the entire purpose of SoD is to test what the community in general (because we wont ever fully agree)

On what we want classic plus to be. I doubt SoD is a one shot campaign. And from the hints they dropped at blizzcon they want to do classic plus.

But to see what the community wants they have to do SoD, and be completely crazy with it, they need to see if adding a bunch of abilities actually does make the game less fun.

Rather than see a few opinions on the forums and making an entire game of it they are making a temporary server to test all these ideas as a community and see whats good what falls flat or if we want even more

It’s a recent hotfix and they are reportedly still monitoring for both Era and Hardcore.

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You mean that sometimes I play that other WoW game too? Shame on me! Spank me now!!

I mean I think I have 3 level 60’s now on Era and an 80 on Wrath, but yeah, I only play retail or something.

I don’t know her.

Okay, I love having to remind people of this but many people play both.

When I want to play classic, I go and play classic! SoD isnt taking that away from me, you, or anyone.

The hate of people that enjoy things that you dont is really weird my guy.

… Who’s this we?

You don’t speak for me.

“he has the worst” right because your single digit loser IQ can make up better ones huh? Gtfo loser

you’re basically getting that with the buffs being put onto other classes anyway :face_with_peeking_eye:

Of which I think is already a bad thing and leading to insane amount of power creep.

what this guy smoking? SoD isn’t even out yet and he’s already crying