Make Slice and Dice Optional in DF


I hate slice and dice, it feels really bad to spend combo points on what feels like a maintenance spell. I would enjoy playing all three rogue specs more without it. In fact, I used to love playing all three of my rogues, but now they are all waiting on the sidelines.

I was disappointed to hear that it will be baseline. I love having more options and I think your rogue players deserve more options.

Please do not make this spell baseline, make it some talent where you choose this spell or some similar buff that is passive and permanent.



Sadly the rogues with Alpha access dont care about the class. Literally none of them have been voicing this common concern.


Even if it was optional people would still take it because its so insanely good.

Ever wonder why auto attack is like 2 or 3 on a rogues damage breakdown? Its because of slice and dice.


I don’t disagree that it’s good, but I would like if it were passive :smiley:

Maybe they could do a talent that makes it passive and permanent :heart_eyes:

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As annoying as it can be sometimes, if they remove it, you’ll be stacking haste to make up for it.
I’d rather keep it, I’d like to keep on stacking crit and versa if it’s all the same to you.

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They can keep it while still making it less boring. Many ideas have been suggested.

I wouldnt mind spending 3 talent point just to have it passive XD im at that point right now


I liked SnD in wod

Assa got it passive, also its interaction with envenom completely refreshing it regardless of cps spent was nice.

Sub had energetic stabbing, and our mastery required us to have it up to do more finisher dmg. Now we have SnD with shadow tech which is the more sleeper and dumb passive in the game. Remove shadow tech and bring back Honor Among thieves and energetic stabbing.

Another issue I have for sub is rupture, it’s legit a boring bleed that adds 0 synergy to the spec. Again, back in wod we had Sang veins so at least having rup up would increase our damage by 15% across the board. I know it does decent dmg in pve, but in pvp its legit useless. The only use for it would be pre rupping a guy before you run away so he can’t re-stealth. I also like how multi-strike in wod made our rups instantly tick, so I’d have to actively manage keeping it up.

As for combat, back in wod Idek. Just more main gouche procs? I’m an old man, I don’t remember :frowning:

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Then it should do less damage than taking the talent