Make it easier to block characters who have their profile hidden

so you don’t mind hidden profiles and you don’t use the ignore feature, sounds good.

Sorry Mal, wasn’t trying to bring you to this thread.

again, you seem to know more about them than i do.

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I have a problem with hidden profiles. Usually, posters with that on, they tend to contribute undesirable posts.


Especially chopped or shredded and fried :yum:

I had some whataburger french fries last night… 11/10

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Speaking of shredded I miss shreds so much :sob:

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well you are free to ignore anyone with hidden profiles should you so choose.

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Please don’t include me. I have my forum profile hidden due to some harassment, especially from the one you’re replying too.


Glad you stated the obvious without contributing to the topic. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Oh I have been harassed from a man on the forums too lol

I just got over it. Played me like a piano

what is your contribution to the topic though?

I must just have a better memory. But as I’m bored, I’m just rereading one of the threads and you’ve got around 20+ posts in a single day in one of those threads.

Are you sure you don’t remember that? It seems like with that amount of engagement that you would remember it better.


But I don’t know if they have hidden profile active without checking to see if they do. If it were visible without needing to check, I would be fine with it.

Some kind of mark should be visible in this thread if people have hidden profile active.

Maybe a shadow around their avatar portrait.

sorry doesn’t ring a bell, maybe you have me confused with another person.

This is why I learned how to make hashbrowns in many different styles :wink:
Potato enjoyer for life

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I pick up what you’re throwing down or rather frying? :upside_down_face:

ok just give me a second to get this staight.

so you said that you don’t like hidden profiles because people who use hidden profiles don’t contribute meaningful posts to the thread, correct?

then you said, you cannot readily tell if someone has a hidden profile just by looking at their picture and post, is that correct?

so, do you decide that their post is undesirable after you find out they have a hidden profile?

These ppl are ridiculous. I would save your hands from typing baby.

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After they post some questionable stuff, I check, and it turns out, of course they have their profile hidden. Why am I surprised?

And if I knew they had their profile hidden, I can instead, opt to not engage with an otherwise reasonable post.

People often don’t start off unreasonable or undesirable on their very first post.