Make heroics honored already

with more badge gear coming out, and other raids droping badges now. heroics should be honored. its ridiculous its taking this long for it when the rest of the game has been nerfed so hard. it should’ve been done last patch imo.

i made a post about 3~ months ago on the general forums before the last patch about this. I hope you guys will read it here and comment on it.


He’s right. There is absolutely no reason to not include this in P4. With badges dropping from ZA/Kara its going to be impossible to form Heroic groups without the alts that need extra badges but aren’t revered being added to that pool of players.

Do it already.

The reputation requirement for obtaining heroic keys will be lowered to honored when Zul’Aman is released.

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how long as the game been out and your not revered yet?

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World of Handouts

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i don’t understand people like you, do you just play one char and that’s it? lol


i don’t understand people like you, you either farm some rep like everybody else or wait till next phase. you play that many characters then you’ll need that much rep.

its like you people dont have more than one 70. after 6 its pretty tiring sitting in shadowlabs/bot/SHH for 3-4 days to get revered so you can get the badge trinket, then hope people are still running heroics enough to get it in a reasonable time without a guilds help.

even more annoying when they removed raid attun for all other raids so its its just a pointless grind when the game is already made easier, even pvp is easier now and it took this long to change this.

It was bit annoying to have tier 5 geared alts and have to do normal to farm rep on them, and wait for hours in queue because nobody does dungeons anymore. This might help people run dungeons again.

So why do we have to wait until then? You guys have the power to do it now! May as well unsub until ZA comes of if you just want to drag your feet on making the game better. People do not want to farm dungeons they don’t need anything out of. Why cant you people just make the game good now? why do we always have to wait for you to do something that should have been changed after the first raid tier? why are you waiting all the way till patch 2.5? WHY NOT JUST MAKE THE GAME GOOD!?!?

I hope they don’t change it. Far to long Blizz has been catering to the casual grind the rep keep it the same, its not fair to everyone else that has farmed the rep on 4+ toons… not to mention gotten them all attuned.

They are patiently waiting, for more players to quit the game, just like 15 years ago. hehe.

This change was part of the original tbc patch cycle cadence…

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Your name checks out 100%