Make combust undispelable

I have really good news for you

Use to be a big dot that you could spread to others with fire blast. They’ve messed with combustion almost every xpac i’ve played. The guy has a point. It is obnoxious. They really screwed mages on that one. Don’t really care what anyone says. Having to do so much prep work just to use your major offensive ability is a joke when everyone else has instants that they can just yolo around while you need 17 stuns and cross cc’d targets before you use it…It’s just dumb. I agree too, fire should be more of a dot spec than a big burst/ semi-useless off combust spec.

Dude RMP was everywhere in Shadowlands, not to mention even in 2s.
I don’t care how hard it is to play, most normal people don’t wanna deal with that bs of the comp, has highest survivability, while oneshotting, even if u fail goes as rogue/mage u were never, rarely punished. I’m glad it got nerfed.
And even if it is ‘‘harder’’ to find ppl to play it with, Im sure I was running into rmp every single game above 1900 in season 1 and 2.

Or just rework the spec entirely

Fire should be a spec that spread fire damage through ignite and living bomb with combustion greatly enhancing that. As it stand the spec is currently lackluster.

You deal negative damage outside of combustion and if it so happens you or your partner mess up a cross cc the only time you deal damage is negated by 1 spell

So its back to running around doing nothing spamming polymorphs and hitting 4k Fireballs on 120k+ HP players

Very fun

I mean that was my entire point you tried to avoid confronting lol. Mage outside RMP when its not overtuned is dogwater and there is better comps to play. See not so hard?

I don’t think I’m saying things like give stuns pls, make bust undispel plz hallpp. Simply stated the obvious

No consistent damage
No access to 3 second stun or greater
Unable to get cds/defensives without committing CC + CDs themselves
purgeable defensives/offensives

I don’t think I ever in my monologue said anything is wrong it parsay just why mages in general aren’t popular when they aren’t OP and mage comps arent picked up often outside rmp.

I swear forum players are so antagonistic and have been farmed to the grave by RMPS that just seeing blue forum avatars and hearing mage sends you into frothing shellshocked tantrums

BFA/SL hard on the crowd

Yea ele certainly isn’t and has never historically 100-0’d someone or multiple before in a single global or anything weirdd

anyway im out pce

No one ever said that but it requires more effort at low/mid tier where coordination is often lacking. Are you contesting that point? Is any mage comp easier/more steam roll then your average ret/warr, affy/ele?

You know the obvious answer give this topic a rest im not even sure what your trying to argue lol later

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Requires more coordination does not mean bad. You are trying to talk about the power of the spec played at the skill cap, but you’re using the power it has played at the skill floor to do it because you’re an idiot

“No one ever said that” dumbass

Well for one i ment requiring more coordination is not a bad thing but

yes mage outside rmp is dogwater when its not overtuned. better things to play

I mean if u think its great go play it by all means you don’t need to sell me on its greatness don’t let me dissuade you from a good time. We all have our own views.

Malding and cursing is a bad look on you go take a walk

Sweet lies

That’s crazy cuz "requires more coordination doesn’t equal bad"isn’t something you said, it’s something I said

"Ment"is the wrong word to describe how you chose to understand it. "Misunderstood"might fit better

Exact quote from tank players

Man I wish this was true. I really don’t understand where you guys keep getting this narrative or think it matters when you have the best burst in the game.

Wow you get punished for messing up a cross cc when your comps designed around them. What a neat concept. It’s a shame dispelling combust is RNG and doesn’t actually matter.

It does matter, running around tickling your opponents with HARD CASTED spells is not a fun engaging gameplay. Mages don’t have the highest burst nor do most mages want to have the highest burst.

This toxic playstyle was pushed by blizzard after mop/wod

Getting your combustion dispel or having a partner thats ints resulting in a waste of combustion wouldn’t matter if the class itself did meaningful damage outside of combustion.

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mage has 3 fire blast charges (instant damage) every 30 seconds that they can use in conjunction with rune of power + ANY CLASS (not only rogue) with a stun. combust is the cd bait. so fatal damage every 30 seconds is bad? i don’t understand


Are you even reading what you type?

“idk man i think you’re just doing your rotation wrong”

is what i typed

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Fatal damage if youre playing with a class that has a stun because your class doesn’t even have a stun.

While most melee classes have fatal damage the entire arena and not reliant on another class to carry them, nice.

Stop playing double mage

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Play kultiran, racial stun them into a wall and nuke them.

not enough rmps lols

we won! thats, thats, (tear drop)

Ok congrats!!! I never thought it should be dispellable. Kinda weird that it ever was.

Now nerf Fire damage! Thanks :slight_smile: