Make aimed shot interruptible

Just as the title says.

That would balance out the damage output it has in pvp.

It’s essentially a cast and having your attention broken should put a 4sec cd from using it.

Either that or put back in the minimum distance to shoot.


Knockdown, knockback, stun, sleep, sheep, etc do interupt it. It is interuptable.


There is a big difference between interruptible and hard cced


If Aimed Shot is begun begun but something happens to prevent it from completing, then it was, by definition, interupted. LOS works too.

Now if you’re talking about abilities that specifically interupt spell casting then this may be your problem: It’s not a spell.


If they made AS completely unaffected by armor, maybe.


What da ya know, another player who got owned by a MM hunter and came here to whine about it.


Nope, just someone not afraid to come to the biased corner and tell them that their class has an issue.

Na, it’s fine.

Biased corner? I dont understand what you mean.

How about remove Aimed shot or revert back to older playstyle where Chim shot had a 4 sec cd and hit like a truck make aimed shot what it was originally 50% reduced healing on said target instant cast.


Sure if hunters had ammo, a minimum range to shoot and had raptor strike back

This would not hurt my feelings at all.

Disarm is a thing you know. In fact, I think surv should get pet disarm baseline to help control the MM population. Its science and to disagree with surv getting pet disarm baseline is to disagree with science! Only low information players disagree with science! …



This is not what Aimed Shot was originally. Originally Aimed Shot was a 3 second cast on a 6 second cooldown, and no mortal strikes attached.

Nerf DH self healing and stuns!


You would be wrong! The original tool tip when Aimed shot was originally in the MM tree said exactly this … "An aimed shot that increases ranged damage by 70 and reduces healing done to that target by 50%. Lasts 10 seconds. I should know i have been playing this game for over 16 years and mained the hunter until WOD. Log into classic and check and tell me im wrong!

Funny coming from a class with 2 stuns and a incap.

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In Vanilla, Aimed Shot did not have a healing reduction and wasn’t instant cast like you tried to claim.

Don’t even need to log into classic.

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Shocking that you’re wrong. Gee it’s almost like I’ve been playing since Vanilla too and literally mained MM since Vanilla. It was in BC that Aimed Shot had a healing reduction attached and Wrath that Aimed Shot became instant cast.

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Bruh why would you post this without checking yourself, lmao. How embarrassing.