Make Affliction Great Again

  1. Stop making dots require boost spells to do damage. By themselves, Im watching players passively heal through a stack of dots. Stop making them depend on things like haunt, MR and other spells to make them work. Other classes have dots that actually do damage without any other requirement, but not the only class that is CENTERED and DESIGNED around dots?

  2. Stop making Affliction play like all the other dps classes out there that have to use burst windows. Affliction should NEVER be a burst class, yet each expansion, you make them more and more bursty.

  3. Why is a class meant to be slow to damage build up, have less survivability than the current iteration of a mage? Why? Warlocks, Affliction Warlocks, should be the tankiest caster in game and they are not currently. They have no real mobility to speak of, yet can’t take a melee player inside of their burst window. Why? Please fix this. Affliction players don’t want to be glass canons. That’s not the history of this class anyway, it’s just the direction you are taking them. You guys have no problem with fury warriors, with their absurd burst, also being in the top 5 in heals in BGs, but for some reason, Affliction shouldnt survive a global?

Whatever your ethos for Affliction currently is, it needs to change.


As much as I agree, I know you will have people coming in to tell you things like “because we have mythic+” or “so mythic raiding they can swap targets n stuff” things like that. I don’t agree with this, but, it happens every time someone asks for more DoT damage instead of burst.

“DoTs don’t exist in this day and age” what a load of crap that is. I will call it out, too. “Because if DoTs did good damage, people wouldn’t play other specs” another example you’ll see/hear bout. I call bs on this, too, but yeah.

People just wanna have DoTs not do so much damage, so yeah.
“They don’t have a place in mythic+” Yeah they do. “They scale too much” there are ways to fix this very easily. “They will not feel good in mythic+” Yeah they will, people just be too scared blizz won’t get it right. Not that the distrust wasn’t earned since blizz can’t balance too good anyways regardless.

As long as the spec feels good to play, people will do it. To some MR feels good, to a lot of older generation / pre BFA Aff players, it doesn’t. I give them credit for trying something different but MR isn’t fun. Aff was fun in MoP, in WoD, in Legion, in WotLK, in BC. It was not fun in BFA, in SLands. BFA it was not fun because it was a burst spec and a 3 minute burst spec at that, which really is quite dull and dumb. Why do 3 minute burst CDs even exist? Like, no for real, why do they put some CDs on a 3 minute timer rather than 2 at the most or even 1 minute timers and just lessen the impact of the CD.

Ya know what’s never gonna feel good? Bursting for 5 seconds, then being useless for 2 minutes and 55 seconds, into another 5 second burst into 2:55 of hardly any damage.

Granted: Aff should never be a burst spec at all, but if it had to have some kinda burst it would / should legit be on a 40 second CD with a 10 second duration.

I agree, DoT specs, in particular Affliction, should be the tankiest non tank spec in the game, be it for PvP or for PvE purposes, they should full on be the tankiest non tank.


That whole “tankiest dot spec” was the exact reason it was changed after legion. Legion aff was so powerful that it was effectively the best spec in all content in the game. People want that playstyle back because it was simple and rewarding, but the problem is that it scales too hard.

I agree tho shadowbolt and malefic rapture have no place in aff. And drain soul being combined with drain life was good, but i dont think it’s possible to balance that

Bring legion aff back I miss the live lord soul sucking beast of a class .


It is. Drain Soul during Legion scaled to 600%-800% of the damage it deals as healing for Aff after all of the multipliers that went into it plus the weapon ability itself.

There are no 300 multipliers for it now, so it can heal for 100% of the damage it deals and still be fine as it’s only like 2k per tick or something like that. It ain’t much but it’s more than we got now.

Couldn’t agree more. Legion affliction was what made me love the class. The current iteration has too many GCD’s, using rapture to pump damage isn’t fun, and I’ll never like darkglare. It just doesn’t feel like the same spec anymore. Too much effort and little to no reward over other specs.