Make a Gold Tax!

Title says it all. Blizzard should tax players on the amount of gold their hoarding. It doesn’t help the economy to have that much gold without it circulating in the system.

Blizzard could then use the gold amount taxed, and distribute it amongst the players who are gold broke, aka those who will spend it to make a thriving economy.


And how do you propose this works?

If the gold is not circulating then it’s not part of the economy.


what a dumb post… you badie madie’s so lib its distastfull


This sounds like Communism. In case you did not get the memo Communism does not work.


To be fair no system really works because of the people in charge and the populace. Communism could work great if the people at the top lived and had to survive like the people at the bottom, Capitalism would work great if money actually flowed in a circle and workers were paid livable wages and had Healthcare,etc,etc and not all the money and thus power flowed/went to the top.


And that’s the problem, someone is always at the top. So its not communism and the communist dream fails almost as fast as its implemented because people are lazy and a Dictator (pretentious title here) is always implemented to enforce the subjugation of the poor conditions of a crippled economy that does not incentivize its subjects to contribute to the group, because there is no reward for working harder. Dictatorships with a communist banner always have crazy amounts of underground business or black markets where people buy and sell goods because under the communist banner there is always a shortage.



IMO, I think Ethical Capitalism(Doesn’t exist) is the best way to go but that comes with some concessions, like strong Unions(Workers rights), No money in Politics, Publicly held elections, strong consumer laws, Min wage tied to the COL,etc,etc.

The way it is now is Capitalism rewards those that, lie,cheat and steal…those that treat their workers like crap and put profits and shareholders ahead of country and community.

Given enough time and a selfish society, Capitalism ends up in the same place you get to when you use Communism. People at the bottom lose, everyone at the top wins.


Yup, we have a system of corrupt oligarchs (big companies, influencers, political figures, etc) who bribe, steal, and corrupt the idea of a capitalism so that they can control the masses and enslave people in tandem with the banks.

They do it because there is a lot of money to be made on indirectly enslaving people to banks. Loans on literally everything, house, car, you name it. Banks run the show, and its truly not capitalism at all because its slavery, and every component of our society is in on it. News, Holywood, Govt, Banks, Unions, Insurance companies, big biz. They gotta keep you working hard like a slave because if they dont then you are not buying anything and if you are not buying anything how are they gonna pay back all that money they borrowed from the bank so that they can live lavishly on money they did not have?


What do mean? They implement a tax on the total gold someone has. The post says it all.

That’s why it needs to be redistributed.

Thankfully its not.

It’s not working in the game at all.


So what % is this tax? Does it scale to wealth? Whats the cutoff between being taxed and getting a return? Do we take item value into the total value a character has? Do you apply this tax per character or per account? If its per account, does it hit every character equally or does is scale differently depending on the wealth each character has?

Answer those please.

^ THIS! The problem with being married to any one type of economic dogma is that the problem is humans, and humans are, almost without exception, scum. There are a few who aren’t bad, your Ghandi-types, but, as a whole, people are more likely to be scum than they are to be decent. And that scum clogs up any perfect economic or political systems you might design.


Yes. I would look forward to how Blizzard would scale the tax as well. I’m not here to post specifics.

If you’re asking for a dramatic change like this, you better have a thought out idea with reasoning and failsafes built in if you wanna even be taken remotely seriously

I think we should impose a tariff on all goods sold by non-North America players or those using a VPN.

Bring back wealth to our players!

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If someone has 1000x the gold you have, but they’re constantly spending it and earning it again, sounds like they should get no tax because they’re not ‘hoarding’.

Also, if Blizzard tried to implement anything like this, the clever and determined folx who are already good at making gold would simply figure out loopholes to avoid their hard work rewarding you for being lazy/incompetent, while you stood by a mailbox waiting for a handout.

It’s a general statement.

Do you believe that I have player financial data? That I have enough information to make brackets, cutoffs, or amounts even? You are underestimating the amount of thought that goes into this. These decisions will require copious amounts of data that I do not have access to.

That’s the problem. Players not spending the gold. They hoard either the gold currency or other high end materials that can influence market prices. It’s evident that players do this, just note the Arcanite Bar price after people started to get/not get Scarab Lord. These bars are still valuable but not when players have created a shortage that they can flood at a moments notice.

If the gold gets taken out of where it’s being hoarded and put into the economy then it will give rise to inflation. That means that stuff will cost more and we’ll be back to where we started. Instead of people having 1 unit and stuff costing 1 unit we’ll go to people having 2 units and stuff costing 2 units.

About all it will do is trivialize stuff sold by NPCs. So instead of some complicated redistribution system we could instead just lower their costs and call it a day.

Or they can just hunt down people buying gold, and monitor donations/gambling, or go further and stand against trading retail gold for classic which is allowed afaik, possibly deal with some pathing abuse, and boosts.

The game is designed with whales in mind, that’s the weird thing. They know they’re there, they put mechanisms that enable them.

It’s not even a bad thing in many cases, since it’s much more difficult to get riding skill gold without whales spending absurd amount of gold due to inflation. There’d be much less thunderfuries/sulfuras without people abusing the game to get gold or buying gold.