Major Tank imbalances


It’s hard enough getting tanks to que for things… esp as a pug, but it’s worse when people are pigeon held to playing only 2-3 tanks…

Idk why but it feels like vegence dh’s are so bad that there are literally not allowed to stand still for more then half a second or they die… poor personals combined with squishyness ur better off playing havoc… if the only purpose is to do damage, havoc also has the utility… idk… guardian feels lame to play as well… warriors recently started feeling better to the point where they just took vegence dh’s spot… honestly I don’t understand why its so difficult for you guys to just make things atleast viable… and you know what i mean these people that will only pick bdk and brewmaster cuz thats all they see


Because it’s Blizzard. They can’t balance things.


People are also stupid and believe that the only viable tanks for their heroic Uldir guild are the ones Method are using for world first kills. The reality is every tank can be played, if you have some idea of how to play it, in Uldir. Method was clearing that place months ago at item levels we’ve far surpassed. I know VDH isn’t in a great place and will struggle in mythic, but the truth is if you’re still struggling with it in normal/heroic at 375+ item level, it’s not the class that’s the problem.

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This balance thing is not only affecting tanks, dps balance sucks too, for example affliction warlock is only half the spec without AoE like the rest of the classes, blizzard know this but doesnt care to balance his own game.

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Blizzard doesn’t like balance. They also believe the world is flat.


Its not even every tank being optimal cause yes every tank can do heroic, but why would someone want to go into a raid and cause difficulties by using a weaker class when this other class is making short work of every encounter.


I don’t know, fun maybe ? The enjoyment of playing the class they like, the sense if reward not needing a meta crutch…


Most people doing mythic want to be serious so they bring only meta classes.