Major Issues with Win 7 DX12 Since Patch

Game forces windows 7 to disable aero mode, loading screen hangs horribly, fps is considerably worse with dx12 on versus when it was initially released.


Info on why this is and how to opt out of it here.

@Morresh / @Drakuloth For your reference: I was getting this with Windows 10 running DX12 and Mac running Metal. Extreme lag, assets in the UI and in game taking a LONG time to load in. I also had frequent (consistent) crashes after about an hour of gameplay on the Win10 PC (my main monitor runs through a capture card for streaming). On the Win 10 machine I switched the API to DX11. No problems, no crashes. Still showing extreme the lag and loading issue on the Mac.

your issue(s) are unrelated to this thread. i’d start a new one here or in the mac tech support forums if you’re still having problems.