Maintenance extended ... (AGAIN!?!)

My lord not one thank you from those of you were whining for the response and for the reasoning.


That’s nice. So, about that slime cat.


When did “architect” become a verb?

AKA, we can’t get our act together even when we are repurposing old content.


Thanks for feedback :slight_smile: Hope the devs can relax now a little bit, at least lol.

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The OED has it as a verb starting in 1813. Their example is a letter from John Keats, in which he writes “This was architected thus By the great Oceanus.”


Yeah, Dan.


Right but when did cringe become an adjective?

Lol. How about the other bugs that, ya know, have been in the game for months, years?


:rofl: my thoughts exactly

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And this about the time the dev responding to us takes a much needed step back. As the fringe minority whom can’t appreciate anything start coming out, since the thread was tagged with a blue post.

Language is a fluid thing. Becoming concrete when accepted by enough people.

From what I’m reading it seems that “Cringe” in it’s modern meaning and usage got its start in the 1970’s.


Merriam Webster gives no such definition as a verb. A brief google search arrived at only a wiktionary definition (gotta scroll way down), and a bunch of anecdotal links which seem to be preponderantly from the tech industry.

I trust neither you tech people nor the Brits.

A single anecdote means it must be so.

You don’t trust the Brits… when it comes to the English language? :thinking:

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Absolutely not. Have you heard those people? They don’t even trust each other to speak their own language.

Similar to the Dutch.

An interesting approach from the country that brought us “y’all’d’ve”, but I’ll allow it.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Born and raised there for 26 years, but it has been almost a year.
So perhaps I need a refresher.


It worked on me!

Nah, I was going to be playing it anyway.

Love love love the theme of this expansion! :heart_eyes: The cards are so fun - can’t get enough Revendreth!