Maintenance Extended: 5:00 PM

If this means they will actually finally fix all of the bugged climbing WQ then Im probably okay with the extension.

But… in reality…

this :frowning:  

Britannica Dictionary definition of INCOMPETENT
a : lacking necessary ability or skills

  • He is too incompetent to be trusted with such an important responsibility.
  • The patient is mentally incompetent.

Anyone who has played this game long enough knows things will still be jacked up when it comes back on… wash, rinse, repeat…

Yeah… I just saw that there was another update to the game client. That is sort of unusual. Certainly unusual and they must be fixing something.

I would rather it get fixed than come up and end up a mess when folks are trying to raid.

Still, I am in the group anxiously awaiting them coming back up again.


That’s a first for me…on the Realms List, all down the right side in bright red letters it’s saying “Incompatable”

Well now servers r up lol wth.

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As long as I get the Raz bow from the vault, you can take all the time you need Blizzard. wink wink

I ended up choosing my item from the vault and it never showed up in the bags and now the vault has no items.

At 5:01 it will be extended until 6:00…

Say what you want, and downplay those who get upset at the ever extending of “maintenance”… but I, like most base players, really look forward to Tuesday nights and in the Mid-West, 7pm (5pmPST) uptime just sucks donkey nuggets and ruins the evening. Blizz should start these large updates much earlier than 7am PST. It’s a business, think of your East-coast and Midwest folks please. This 5pm PST translates to an 8pm EST. Statistically speaking, you’re doing a disservice by waiting until 7am to take servers down for maintenance. Been an issue for years, why change now huh?..


I’m stealing this phrase

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your so welcome yo!

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Really wish it were more apparent why servers are offline most of the day. I’ve dealt with maintenance on and off for nearly 17 years and have never been this ‘over’ it.

I have someone messaging me who is online like “wanna open vaaaullltt” and I’m like “yeah if the server was up” and they’re like “they’re up thouuuugh I’m standing in front of the vault!”

Ok they didn’t talk like that but I’m annoyed so it sounds like that.

Edit: I guess this is about as close as I’ll get to knowing

Edit 2: Man Lost Ark is looking good right now…

Just kidding I still hate it, but my mind drifts when I keep getting DC’d while others are ingame.


They must have put something good in my vault and said, " O crap we need to fix that." then sent somebody down to the trash to recover. The same belt I sold 5 times so far.

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Blizzard hates the East Coast

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This is a travnerdy… its insufferagable…

Its a slam to the facebook.

We need to band together and March through the streets like Martin Lawrence king junior

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Elon musk buy Wow?

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winner of best wow forum comment of the day!

and Im in!