[Main thread] Nvidia 460.xx driver flickering

I am having the same issue as the person above. Textures, especially in the Maw and Elysian Hold will flicker on and off. I’ve tinkered with the Anti-aliasing settings, shadow settings, texture settings, and a few others. Nothing reduces it. This started a day or two ago and was perfectly find before that.

I am on a GTX 1080.

Issue occurring here on a 1070. No AA, no RTX. I tried switching to DX11 and the ones in my immediate view seemed to stop flashing, but I have not played enough yet to determine if it fully resolved the issue. The flickering was not affected by any other graphics setting that I tried prior to that.

One major area of concern I had was in Torghast (I want to say on Floor 4 of the special Jaina one, but I ran that and Coldheart back to back and they blurred together a bit). The floor used one of the tilesets with lava/fire. Whatever lighting effect said tileset used that this bug affects appears to be used on the entire viewable area on this floor. Because of the orange/red color used by this tileset, this resulted in my entire screen rapidly flashing between white and orange multiple times per second for almost the entire time I was on the floor. Given the intensity of the flashing, I would be incredibly concerned for any unfortunate players with epilepsy as it seems quite likely that it could trigger a seizure. I almost had to leave Torghast entirely before I finished the floor because it began causing my eyes actual pain to keep looking at.

I had to roll back drivers on both computers I play Warcraft on. First is a laptop with MX250 graphics (No G-Sync.) and my main computer has a RTX 3080 using hardware sync, with or without ray tracing. Flickering was just too much on both but mostly noticed while flying between flight masters. Rolling back to the previous driver removed this issue completely. I’m just going to wait until Nvidia releases a Hotfix before delving into Cyberpunk. They dropped the ball on this driver imo.

it seems to be happening to me as well since the cyberpunk driver textures flickering

Same issue. It’s also causing flickering in Bastion as well as The Maw.

1080ti. No raytracing.

Flickering issues here too,

  • Foliage flicker, this actually happens in classic too. Had issues with this for a few driver versions now. Tried rolling all the way back to old 442.5, issue went away, but as soon I as reinstalled newer drivers, issue came back. I read somewhere to disable multisample alpha test, and when I do, the issue also seems to correct itself even with newer drivers.

  • Ray Tracing terrain flicker in Shadowlands. With RT turned on, distant terrain flickers. Flying over Bastion with rt turned on is pretty crazy, terrain flickering everywhere. As soon as I turn rt off, no flickering. I read above saying to turn shadows to low, so I tried, and the flickering seems to stop. The real odd part is if I turn shadows back to high mid flight, the flickering is still gone. Log out with shadows set to high, log back in, test flight and flickering is back.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a driver issue or issues on the client sides, but figured I would try and see if anyone is having similar issues. There are definitely work-arounds, but something is wrong for sure.

Windows 10
2070 (non super)

Tried running both versions of wow on both nvme and a mech drive and there’s no difference.

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Flickering, freezing, even crashing since the maintenance. Stress tested my gpu with furmark to make sure it wasn’t it - all is good on my side, so it has to be between WoW and something…

2080ti Strix with 3440x1440 @ 120hz

Same issue here, massive texture flickering. - 2080ti 3440x1440 @ 120hz. everything maxed/ray tracing disabled. nvidia driver 460.79 (cyberpunk driver. december 10)

The flickering I experienced while herbing in Revendreth triggered a migraine.

It seems to be better tonight, I didn’t change any settings. It’s still flickering but not nearly as often or as intrusive.

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I had to roll back my drivers also.

I also have an Rtx 2800 super and running into an issue after the drivers update, flickering

Also ran into the same issue with my 1050 TI. AA off and Ray Tracing off.

i did the shadows setting and it worked

getting massive flickering as well. cyberpunk drivers 1080ti. flickering happened with 457.51 as well. but to a much lesser degree, shadows on low helped with both driver versions


1080 and 1080ti both flickering since the nvidia update. Tried all the different settings and only Dx11 completely stopped the flickering.

I’m using an EVGA 2070 Super and I also have the flickering issue. I don’t have RTX shadows on and the flickering is happening on both low and high shadow quality.

My normal play settings is everything maxed out and 1440p resolution. I didn’t have any issues prior to the Cyberpunk 2077 game ready driver release.

Same problem, 1080gtx and 3070rtx

Also same problem. Have been spending all day trying to fix before finding it listed here. GTX1070 (no Ray Tracing on this model). As others have said, strobe light boogaloo on trees, some flame textures etc. Also have noticed my client crashes when trying to switch from DX12 to DX11. I did a fresh windows install and most up to date driver.

I use Geforce GTX 1060 TI. Last night seems fine when I was on but this morning when I was doing couple mythic I notice a half second delay I thought I was lagging but it seems to be the frame rate. I tried to restart my computer and check to see if there’s an update I updated to 460.79 from the previous latest version and the framerate went to crap also it kept flickering white screen couple times I ctrl alt del to end task. Tried to restart couple times still didn’t work. I went to check the Geforce experience and the shadow setting on ultra for some reason. I set it back to low and it seems fine for now. Hope there’s a hot fix.

FPS dropping from 90s to 5s randomly now.