[Main Thread] Frostmourne World Server Constantly Dying - April 2023

Ongoing issue with the US-Frostmourne Server dying on multiple occasions since DF launch.
Initially I had logged a ticket to report this (08-04-2023) when it happened to me during a rated PvP match causing me to “abandon” the match and penalized. Received a generic GM response basically saying tough luck. So when it happened again yesterday (09-04-2023) this time just doing open world content, I opened another ticket and throughout the day added to it 2 more times for a total of 3 times in 1 day.
The GM response was basically that they didn’t detect any server issues and that it was possibly an ISP issue (gee, what a surprise). Yet this wasn’t affecting other users of different ISPs to myself, nor were any other realms (US or OCE) affected by this. I was still able to log into Barthilas and play just fine.
This issue has been happening to Frostmourne since the launch of Dragonflight and seems to be happening more and more frequently. We will be playing the game just fine 1 minute, then we can still move our characters around but can not make any actions (use any abilities, interact with objects, log out of the game or exit via the menu) yet we can still type messages into general chat etc and other players can read them. Then we will be disconnected from the server. Once we reconnect, we go to the realm character select screen before given an error message saying it failed to obtain character info and then we just sit at a black screen for 15 to 20 minutes until it goes back up again.
It is the exact same problem every time.
Why is this happening specifically to Frostmourne? Why is this happening so frequently, and more to the point seemingly more and more frequently? What is being done to investigate and resolve this issue?


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It took them 4 months to somewhat fix the dumpster fire fps issues I highly doubt there gonna fix these server issues can’t believe this crap tbh


i’d start by running a winmtr. instructions are here https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/000027780 run it for 10-15 minutes to the oceania IP address and post it. if you can’t post links then highlight it and hit the </> button or use pastebin.

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Yeah this is nuts. Happened to me multiple times over the last few days…

Last one I got bugged mid dungeon… team could continue on but my only option was alt-f4, was stuck in the bunny boss area in a TW like the carrot never moved.

Tried to get back in… Frosty characters gone completely.

Seems to fix itself after a while, but dang that’s annoying.

Meanwhile, Barthilas running like a smooth stream.


Yep, was happening last night.
This morning logged out of 1 character to switch to another and realm/character page all black once again. so over this.


It’s happening about once every 3 hours or so. Makes it incredibly hard to plan to do any kinda content. Last night after Rasz kill it just went off for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile my other toons in Dath’Remar were just fine lol


Please please fix this Blizz… I’m so sick of server crashing during keys every day. You can’t just keep ignoring the issue :confused:


Frostmourne crashing once again. Please fix this issue. All content is unplayable as there is no telling when the next 15min window of disconnects and empty character slots will happen.


There should be a refund or extension of gaming time to solve this issue. Terrible gaming service because of this issue. Cannot be fixed for such a long time!


Yep… CS Claiming there isnt an issue are full of it, or clueless.

Multiple downtimes over the last couple of weeks especially, usually lasting 10-15 mins, and impacting both NZ and Au guildies, so if theres any “ISP issue”, its Blizzards.


I to have been on a merry-go-round with CS regarding this issue and seem they are actively trying to avoid admitting there is any issue. Sending links to support for addons / system files / trace routes and saying that its a not their issue.

This seems to not just be Frostmourne but connected servers also btw.


Is there any update from a Blue please? You auto closed my ticket and sent me here but no response from Blizzard???


I play with an Aussie community across different Aus servers, it is only the ones connected to Frostmourne that are impacted. There is no chance this is an AUS ISP/backhaul related problem.


Fix frostmourne please. This is not the first time- this is not ok.


We do RBGs consistently with frostmourne guildies and it’s very hard when they DC every night, may as well quit RBG’s because frostmourne’s connection quality puts out rating down the shi**er.


Its the lack of response and accountability that really does my head in. Does Blizzard just not give a f*** about OCE?


I’ve raised several tickets and bug reports - the response was always “we have no reported issues” or “please troubleshoot your connection issue”. I requested free character transfers but they refuse to provide this so I’ve unsubbed and written a further complaint in that process as well. Maybe they’ll fix it if they lose every oceanic player but I doubt they care. Time to move to a better game imo.


I’m having the same issues as everyone else, not able to cast spells due to lag and character select screen going dark and im thinking about switching to Barth until the issue is resolved.

way to drop the ball blizz


Any blizz employees going to acknowledge this?

Is there any active works to resolve this?

All we all have gotten is pure denial and neglect which is pretty poor customer service if you ask me.