Main DK. Alt Demo Lock LF Semi-HC Guild

Hey, 4600 Gearscore Frost DK with a 5k Blood Set for OT. (Eng/JC)
4500 Demo Lock/Destro Set. (Eng)
LF Hardcore/Semi-HC Raiding Guild. Can show logs for both characters. Full HM Exp.
Tues(All Day)/Wed(All Day)/Thurs(Nights) Availability. Open to any Loot System. Toxic Free.

warmachine031#4038 add me on disc let’s chat.

Beansworth in-ganme or Edantis#5314 on discord
Meydie in-game or Meybel#6505 on Discord
Semi-HC HM guild Looking to recruit 1 full time Pumper warlock, Would be down to chat. Info Below

13/14 25 man 9/9HM 14/14 10man 9/9HM currently recruiting!!! hit me up Tommyj#11344

We raid Wed/Thurs 8:30p-12a Easter.

Hey, while we haven’t really pushed a ton of 25m content, we did clear all Normal bosses. You could check us out. We are looking to rebuild for 25m to get HMs done, currently doing 10M Hms.

edit we’re still recruiting locks. but now we’re 9/9HM 14/14 25 man! come join add me Tommyj#11344