Maill me the missing soul ash

My char only got 690 soul ash after I completed both sides of layer 3 in Torghas, and the quest from questline which gave me 200 soul ash.

After the hot fix,I still don’t got mail for the soul ash I missed. This means this hotfix not working for the ppl who having problem before the hotfix?

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I am having the same issue. My char only has 690 soul ash, and I can’t go back and get it.

I don’t understand why people are too lazy to loot the boss. Frankly, it’s your own fault for missing it.

I actually wasn’t able to loot it, you do understand things can happen to prevent some on from looting the mob right?

The post masters in this universe scour reality merely to find that which you left behind, and somehow know exactly who you are in order to postmark it for delivery to you.

I don’t think it’s beyond the pale for them to happen upon your abandoned Soul Ash as well.

Then maybe they should just remove the mechanic of looting entirely, and just have things automatically added to your inventory when you take down mobs.

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You need to put in a ticket in game. They aren’t going to fix it from a forum post.

They already mail you everything else of import you leave behind. The two systems already coexist and work fine, this would be no different barring it giving players who were apparently denied their duly earned currency just compensation.

Now, ppl talking about for those ppl like me missing soul ash were intentionally giving up the soul ash , cuz we “denied their dully earned currency”. Big lol.

First, the soul ash reward did not specifically stated by BLZ, it can be earned only by pick up from the final boss. Not by completing the layer like a regular quest.

Secondly, lots of ppl missing it bcuz of dc or just bugged out. I pretty sure I looted everything in the Torghas. Bcuz it’s my first time running it, I even cleared every adds I could killed in the every layer.

At last, BLZ made the hotfix, bcuz ppl have the same issue. But it seems not working for the ppl had issue before the hotfix. It dose not make any sense to me, bcuz they just find way to preventing it happening again, not fixing it with ppl already had it.

If BLZ don’t wanna fix it by mailing soul ash directly to us, as least let us be able to redo those layers we missed and earn it again. But currently, this surely not the way how it works.


Except that their tickets are answered by a robot that link to the FAQ and says “sorry we’re too busy to reply to your ticket”.

It’s not mailed to you. This states it’s added directly to the currency total.

Cool, but posting not getting it here does nothing, you need a ticket that was my whole point.

Im not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but I am 100% onboard with this idea. At least one other MMO on the market does this (albeit as an unlockable perk) and it is one of the best quality of life improvements I’ve ever had.

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Soul ash is now mailed to you if you don’t loot it. Blizzard does listen.

Nah, I actually think it would be a good idea. I already have auto-loot on because I’m obviously just going to take everything the mob drops. Why would I not want to?

yeah they took some ash from me too. 220 or whatever. Unreal.

The whole point of this post is let ppl who missed soul ash before hotfix getting soul ash back.

The hotfix just preventing it happen again, not getting it back. This is totally two different things we talk about here.

  1. Getting missing back 0/1
  2. Preventing it happen again 1/1