Mail/Auctions during snapshot

How will mail be affected by the snapshot? I’m currently out of bag space and have mail constantly going back and forth between characters so I’m trying to get an idea of whether or not I need to do anything.

What about auctions as well? Will it all be as it was at the time of server shutdown or are the auctions going to be cancelled and sent back to collect from the mail when we log in?

As for the auctions, don’t think we have info on that.

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  • A clone is a snapshot copy of your WoW Classic character taken right before the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch
    • Includes your inventory, items in the bank, items in the mailbox, and friends list

Doesn’t say anything about auctions. Have it sit in your mailbox.

EDIT: Only thing IK “for sure” being “taken away” are Guilds, for Classic ONLY and NOT BC:

  • Characters activated on a Classic Era realm are all guild-less, including Guild Masters. On Classic Era realms, all guilds must be recreated

Same link source.

The only issue is clones. What if you play TBC (which is fine, you get all your mail) and 5 months later you activate the clone to play on CE. Now your mail on CE is 5 months old. Has it been deleted, or does it get 30 more days?

For this and other extremely detailed questions…try it, and post the answer here five months from now. I’ll wait.

I think its all in stasis until you activate probably. Who really knows though. Interesting question.

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Fair question.

I would assume we only get the same amount of Mail Time, like everybody else.


I could create a Spoof character.

Only way to know and find out, huh?

See everyone in the future of this post!

I would not pay $35 for this experiment.

(Even if I had unused characters slots, which I do not.)

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I hear, ya, but I think I could do this experiment the “free” way. 'Cause it’s talking about “activating” a character AFTER some time has passed, for the Mail to self-delete itself, for not “getting to it”, in time.

Same rule should apply to the Copy.

Oh, I can try this. I have several alts in Classic. I just have to mail something to several alts, then make sure I wait until July to activate one of them.

Let you know, around July 15th.

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The experiment would be pointless as even though you’d have an answer the information wouldn’t help anyone as 30 days from snapshot date would have happened for everyone.

The more useful experiment would be have people wait a few days and check if the mail still said 30 days or a lesser amount than it did at time of the snapshot.

Got my Spoof Char ready :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is true, but I like having answers.

While I’ll probably log into my other main characters before the 30 Day jig is up, I still would like to know.

The auction house will be closed from the 14th to the 18th. All auctions will have expired by then and items returned by mail prior to the snapshot being made.

Bumping this because I’d really like to know the answer too. I have a fairly extensive backlog of mail items between my characters because I use the mail as a secondary bank of sorts. It would be helpful to know when I need to activate various characters to save their mail items, as well as how this interacts should I choose to copy a character to a forever classic realm later down the road.

Guess we got an answer through GM Tickets. Clones won’t be able to be deleted with Mail still in their Mailboxes, and it looks like the Mail is NOT in a “stasis” setting, according to this GM Response here:

EDIT: And an Article.

If the character you want to delete is a WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic clone that you don’t want to activate, you can wait for the mail to expire. In-game mail expires 30 days after received.

EDIT 2: Guess, I didn’t need to make a Spoof Char, afterall LOL

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