Mail issues


I made an alt character and sent stuff from main ( some silver and farmed items). I have not gotten the mail on alt, thought mail was instant when sending to alts. Am i doing something wrong?


I believe if you only send gold/silver it is immediate. Anything else takes 1 hour.


Nope and nope, takes an hour for everything.


Can confirm. It takes an hour for any mail to send to anyone, alts included.


Thanks for the words of wisdom guys.


It takes 1 hour for me too, even on the same account. Either a bug or intentional. I haven’t played retail in 6.5 years but I remember it was instant on retail (could be wrong memory though)


whether it’s gold or not it’s still an hour.


6.5 years ago yes they made it instant by then. but classic it’s an hour whether just gold or items.