Mail between your own characters is not instant

Mail is supposed to be instant between your own characters during TBC, even if it contains an item or gold. It is currently delayed still.


It was still an hour when TBC launched, and changed sometime after.

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yes but we’re using patch 2.4.3. It was changed before that.

I started playing in Wrath, and I clearly remember when they made the change to instant mail to characters on the same account.

Are you sure you remember it in TBC?

Taken from the other post on this bug (regular TBC forums) but I used the same source:

wowpedia.fandom. com/wiki/Patch_2.1.3

  • Any mail between characters on the same account is now instant regardless of money or items attached.
  • Any mail sent from a character on a different account will now have a one hour delay regardless of money or items attached.

It’s the same patch that made “read” in-game mail last 30 days instead of 3 (Which, funny enough, was a change that was still in classic despite being from TBC)


In cataclysm, they added the guild perk for instant mail between guildies. Could that be what you remember?

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I thought it was Wrath as well, so I looked it up. Apparently, you and I were in a parallel dimension together where it happened in Wrath because I remember it too.

I see that the team has been verifying a fix for this.

It will probably go to the PTR today, and should be fixed in on live Burning Crusade Classic realms when they go live on Tuesday.




Awesome, tyvm!

Does this include any characters within the same Battle Net account, or just the individual World of Warcraft account?

…what difference would it make? You can only mail to other characters on the same realm anyway.

I have a second wow account under my battle net. In Classic, my mule characters are usually not on the same account as my main. (Specifically so I can get around the 1 hour mail by just trading across the accounts.) So, being able to get instant mail from the mules to my other characters would make a big difference, but will only be the case if instant mail is battle net account wide and not wow-license wide.

If you go by retail precedent, then most stuff is battle net account level, not wow license level. However, you can’t transfer characters between wow licenses in Classic, so maybe it will be different. (And I don’t remember how it worked in original BC, but that was also before battle net accounts were a thing.)


I have confirmed it is 100% working on the PTR for both items and gold (Same account). Best change / bug fix I was hoping would make it in by launch! Thanks!