< Magical >7/9M, 9/9H! Area52 LF Healers/Dps, S4 and Tindral Prog!

Hey there, fellow raiders and key smashers!

Are you looking for a mature, active guild? Want to dominate M+ and push mythic raid progression? Hoping to find a solid group of friends to wipe with? Well, look no further!

Magical is a mythic guild on Area 52 with the goal of creating a stable and successful raiding environment. Our primary focus is to progress through content for 6 hours per week and have fun while doing it! We are currently 7/9M AND 9/9H in Amidrassil, and achieved 4/9 Mythic in Aberrus. Our goal is to get as far into mythic in Amidrassil that we can with the ultimate goal being CE.

Raid Times:
Main Team:
Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10pm - 1am est

Our Wed/Thurs team has completed 7/9M 9/9 H . Now that we have AOTC we will be progressing into mythic as far as we can go, with the ultimate goal being to end the tier with CE.

Second Team:
Saturdays 10pm - 1am est

We are happy to announce we have a second team available on Saturdays that will work on achieving AOTC and then the first couple mythic bosses! Saturday is 9/9N and 9/9Heroic.

What We Offer:
Raiding: We have experienced players and a solid raid leading team. We kill bosses and we have fun doing it!

We have many KSM players and a few with KSH. We run keys everyday and raiders are required to run a few per week to fill their vaults. Let’s push keys!

We believe that the bonds forged outside of battles are just as important. Our guild members regularly hang out in discord, play other games, and post memes! Everyone is welcome. LGBTQ+ friendly of course!

What We Seek:
Main Team(Wed/Thurs) :
We are looking for talented players who are wanting to progress as far as we can in Amidrassil with the ultimate goal being to end the tier with CE. We want players who will work hard to make their characters mythic ready both in and out of raid. We expect players to do at least 4 mythic+ dungeons per week and we are looking for players who want to be a part of the guild and not just raid log. We are an 18+ guild for mature players.

Second Team(Saturdays):
We are looking for talented players who have the goal of obtaining AOTC abs want to step into mythic after. We want players who strive to be the best at their class and will also work hard outside of raid running keys to gear up their characters!

Magical is always looking for new members who want to push keys of all levels with the guild. Many of us reached KSM within the first 2 weeks of 10.2 but we are open to key pushers of all level of difficulty! We like to hang out in discord nightly and run keys on both main and alt characters. We welcome all players interested in mythic+ to join us!

Currently Recruiting:
Will consider any exceptional DPS

Will consider any class except Holy Pally

Also looking for players who would like to be backup/fill in positions. considering all dps and healer roles for bench/fill in spots. Contact us for more info!

Our Saturday Team is looking for the following players:
Considering all classes/specs

How to Apply:
Contact one of our officers on discord to start the conversation:
Discord: Shakster, Marloe
Battlenet: Marloe#1118, Shakster#1251

You can also click or copy paste this nice little link here and we will reach out to you!

Thank you for your consideration! Join us in our effort to make something Magical happen!

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always looking for new guildies!

bump for Saturday group!

looking for players for our Saturday team and Mythic + pushers!!

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Saturday AOTC group building up, open recruitment for all dps and healers.

need a few more for the Saturday team and key pushers!!

Spots still open for weekend team! Also looking for more mythic plus players!

9/9N on night 1!!!

Bump for 7/9H!!

could use more for sat run!

Just got AOTC! Could use a mage and DH.

Need a few more players for sat!

All players welcome to apply. :smiley:

LF a HPAL for wed/thurs

3/9M come join the party

could use a few more for wed.thurs and almost all for sat!

getting our second kill on council tonight and pushing Larry! join us for constant progression!

looking for a few more!!

Still recruiting!! Message an officer :slight_smile: