Maghars With Attitude

Now recruiting!
U.S. thrall-horde
We have three groups
Early group is Tues/Thurs 830-11 est
Late group is Tues/Mon 11-1:30 est.
Weekend is fir/sat 830-11est.
9/9 H 3/9m in BFD aotc, 2/2 h crucible, 4/8 AEP, and mythic kills each raid tier!

We are an 18+ guild, with a solid meme channel in discord. Hit me up any time.
Lathander#1319 for bnet
Mahoganyblack#2679 on discord


bump this friggin post

Still looking!

The GM of the guild is solid btw. He is willing to help out guildies and does whatever it takes to make the guild better.

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late group needs a few more!!! mages for sure, boomie would be nice, maybe even a ret too! but all solid dps would be considered!

Hi - are you guys still looking, and possibly for a lock, for the late group?

Here’s my post I made recently, which says more…

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Yes we would like another lock, sorry I never got notified of this reply! Hit me up lathander#1319

still need ppl