Mage/warlock Returning LFG

I am just coming back to wow in preparation for new expansion. I mostly stepped away this year due to having a job promotion and a baby so had to take a bit of time to move and prepare for both. With that being said lets get to the point.

I am currently looking for a guild that I can end the tier with and be a part of the roster moving forward. my current goal is to spend the rest of this tier trying to learn and push mythic plus with the new dungeons and ect and also raid a bit here and there but the fated raids I have heard are not all that fun. either way looking for a guild I can do both with in shadowlands but primarily a focus on mythic plus for me currently. i am planning to also jump into PTR and ect if i am able to to start preparing to learn and be prepared for new expansion.

I am open to a few classes for next expansion wanting to wait to narrow down the right fit depending on how beta and ect goes. but for the rest of shadowlands i am currently wanting to finish the tier as a meta spec to get the most out of it and honestly where the 3 classes I was looking at anyway. I’m more lead to warlock or mage as I enjoy there playstyles more but also would do hunter. come dragon flight I will have made my decision but both mage and lock are pretty high up there for me for DF. for the right guild and group I am open to discussion on this as id much rather find the right fit.

Raid time i am currently open to everyday but monday night. times and ect are currently negotiable as long as after work the latest i usually work to is 5pm pst (8pm EST) so any raid group that raids after should work id prefer anything 6pm pst on.

progression wise i want to always keep growing and improving and before i had to leave i was pushing some mythic bosses i would love to do that again and push towards CE but i do not have the time to do what i call Bleeding edge anymore my time with family is very important and with a newborn and ect i want to be present. so all that to say i at the lowest would just wanna find a aotc that clears heroic over and over again and a few mythic bosses or anything above that towards CE and working towards that goal but in a healthy manner.

I am really looking for the right fit and a great raid team that values one another pushes one another to grow and pushes towards the end goal together. i dont like drama and putting down multiple players and ect or old guilds and ect. its one thing to expect certain things from your raiders its another to bash them to everyone in guild. i don’t see this often but i have last time i looked for a guild. id prefer a 2 day a week raiding schedule but would be open to up to 3 for the right team and ect. (i do not enjoy casual raiding though i wanna be pushed each week to learn something new and get better in some way)

I never can do this part well so if you wanna know anything at all just ask me and ill answer in. if your unsure if it would be a good fit just reach out to me anyway id love to chat and find out as well. excited to hear back from you soon :slight_smile: Hope to find the right guild


Hey Sokrah,

I am GM over at Project Cloverfield and I was wondering if you would be interested in chatting a bit about joining our guild.

Please add me at bruneski#1367 and I look forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, check out our post here

Hey we just started the guild Celestial Reapers. We only have a few players at the moment but want to grow and start a raid team to grow synergy with for DF and push mythic+. I would love to chat with you if you are interested. You can contact us on discord Tillurend#8311 or Bossfetta#1245