Mage/Pally LF Guild

Hi there, I haven’t played since castle raid; (yr or so)… I left my guild on great terms Astral… I’m looking to come back for Dragon, my main is mage, my alts Pally/lock/monk; willing to switch to pally main if I had an option to switch class to alts. I can no longer commit to my old guild raid times, I can commit to raids 10est or later
Thank you
Discord info Smurfadelic#6619

sent discord request

Hey there, are you able to raid weekend afternoons?

hi! We are raiding on fri and sat from 9:30-12:30 EST.( I dont mind you coming at 10.) I’ll drop the guild spam for you to look over and see if we might be a good fit for you. Hope to hear from you soon!


You might be a good fit for our Alliance guild, Utsukushii Saisei, is a long standing tight knit group of players who banded together during late BC and early WotLK to form a raiding team. We value personal integrity and the ability to voice opinions amid the chaos of raid progression. While it is never our goal to achieve illustrious realm first titles, we raid with the intent to challenge ourselves and accomplish great feats as a team. Our community, while rowdy, is good to one another. We have met in person at Blizzcon multiple times and aim to do so following the lifting of pandemic restrictions in the future.

Raiding typically runs 3 hours on Tuesday/Thursday from 8PM-11PM PST. Saturday and Sundays are optional alt raids and low rating RBGs.

Our guild has not used a formal loot system for four expansions. Those looking for a rigid structured loot council or point system are recommended to look elsewhere. Although this lack of a system creates the possibility of large gear disparities between raiders, individual generosity tends to balance things out when the dice fail to do so. An old raider once said, “Loot always drops again”, a very simple look at WoW in general. Our story lies in the adventures we share rather than in the items generated by the game.

We take great pride in the community that we’ve established. The memories of our journeys outweigh numeric achievements and we’re confident in our ability to provide an established environment for players of all backgrounds and goals.

If you’re still interested, contact:

GM: Kalcifur (Bnet: TKMori#1560 Discord: Katsuto1055#8769)
Officer: Friarbeta (Bnet: xerox445#1890 Discord: Drucidal#7589)
Discord Code: JhJDKGrtU7

Hiya Tenshi!

[A] House Brighthammer (Wyrmrest Accord) is a smallish guild that raids Normal/Heroic (and sometimes dabbles in Mythic), does M+, and sometimes other activities together. We’re doing the Fated raids in Normal for the Slime Kitty and some Dinar, but will be returning to our AOTC focus in Dragonflight. We’ve been looking for more dps and would like to invite you to check out our team. Raid times are Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 7-9PM Pacific (10-Midnight Eastern). We use two-way Discord communication. If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you at Aristiri #1425 Bnet, or Akaitaka #9181 on Discord.

Thanks for the opportunity to hear about a new MYTHIC raiding guilding that formed on A52. Every new expasion new and returning players struggle to find a place. Well we are building that place and looking for like minded people to build and join our community.

Dragonflight Raid Schedule:

Wednesday 7pm-10pm EST

Thursday 7pm-10pm EST

Monday 7pm-10pm EST.

Btags: Recruitment - Aiakos#1689.
Discord: Recruitment - Toxic#1705