Mageblade for mages?

dont worry you will find other loot to get upset about in BWL too.

It’s just loot.


Depends on how your LC does loot.

Are you a scrub mage in quest greens who who expects to get geared via raids? Have you ignored professions and expect others to provide raiding consumables for you? Do you have a 50% attendance rating? Are you struggling to out DPS the Shadow Priests?

If any of those are close to being true then ya, I’d give the blade to the Pally too.

Part of LC is not just giving loot to who will make the most/longest use of an item. It’s also rewarding those who earned it.

The Pally probably deserved it more than you.


I would give to pallys, or at least let them roll on it. Staff of dominance is at least comparable and useable by other casters but aurastone hammer/hammer of grace aren’t in the same ball park.


This ^^ (1%*)

“ehhhh you can get a much worse weapon from the same boss, so it’s fine”



You forget, paladins are largely crit based for healing. It’s essentially how they get mana regen outside of the piddly mp5 gear there is available. They don’t benefit from innervate, and don’t have access to a shammy for a mana tide.

Critting is how they get bigger heals, and, mana back. Their healing co-efficients are also lower than those of Shammy/Druid/Priest. They also don’t have the AOEing ability as those other classes - which means they must always be casting to keep a raid topped off, which means they can’t ever really abuse the mp5 rule for not casting.

The playstyle surrounds using R2 FOL and Max rank FOL, and the occasional holy light. FOL is a very weak heal overall, so they need to crit to get the mana return and make it stronger. That’s essentially how the class is played.

Lok is a great mace choice in BWL - if they can get it. Druids/Preists benefit from spirit a lot more than a paladin so they’d be last prio on it I’d expect.

The next closest weapon would be in ZG which is who knows how long away. IMO, it’s just as important for a mage/lock as it is a holy paladin. People need to stop evaluating the game as pure min/max and think intelligently - we’re all here to have fun. It’s two classes BIS, and considering both have an equal chance of getting an upgrade in BWL - with a slight edge to the mage for the staff off nef vs lok for the pally compared to a pally and priest - both classes should be heavily considered when passing out this bit of loot.

If someone is that upset about it, then they’re just not thinking objectively or fairly to their fellow raiders.


LOL if you think any raids are putting shamans in groups with healers. Even resto shamans are windfury bots for the melee.

Just used the DKP you have earned to bid on it.
who ever has the most DKP and bids the highest will win it.

Oh wait…
I see the problem here.
Is the healer a guild leader or officers friend?


loot council is the dumbest thing ever invented.


I think you mean Lockblade.

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I mean, its a paladin’s BiS as well - so no, not really.


that paladin as a healer is likely more important to your raid then you are as a dps no offence- perfectly reasonable for them to get prio on it.


There literally aren’t.

Mageblade is best is slot for Paladin until later phases.

The question is, are they giving them ALL to Paladins first, or was this particular Paladin just up for loot because he hadn’t gotten any in a while? We don’t have the full story.

But, in short, no you shouldn’t be upset if they give a mageblade to a Paladin.


I’d look for another guild, that one seems to be clueless!

people still die in molten effing core?

if not, a bit more healing changes nothing, while more dps makes it faster.

We still rotate in healers for MT for the 8 second duration. Doesn’t impact WF at all for the melee. The weapon buff lasts 10s. On split onys we do it frequently. I imagine as content gets any harder in BWL we’ll do it more frequently.

Loot councils are a joke, would never trust them to do the right thing.


Mageblade is one of those rare gems everyone wants. Bis for pally, bis for casters.
Its normal to be passed to pally you cant get upset over that.
If your loot council distributes loot equally to all it should be fine. Everyone contributes to the raid after all


To each their own, but the fact still stands that just about EVERY SINGLE ONE of the top guilds in WoW for both Classic and Retail for the vast majority the history of this game, have used loot council successfully.

It’s simply a better and smarter way to gear your TEAM. Ultimately tho, it comes down to your raids/guild goals and mentality.

Do you want to gear your best and most impactiful players and classes first in order to maximize performance?

Do you not care at all about clear speeds and performance?

It’s fine if you answered yes to either. Different strokes for different folks. We can all play the game how we like and have a good time ^.^


use dkp
problem : solved